It's Upfronts time again and the big networks arerolling out the new line up of fall shows that they hope will propel their company to greatness. Yesterday, FOX unveiled its listof potential shows. There are some shows that look promising, at least one that is controversial and others that will have viewers questioning what the network was thinking. Currently, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Lethal Weapon are getting all of the buzz, but this is a look at the other shows you might now have noticed.

24: Legacy - action drama

First up is a Jack Bauer-less 24. 24: Legacy stars Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Comptom) as lead character Eric Carter.

He has links to the First Lady of the United States and is at the center of a terrorist invasion. The drama is produced by original 24 star Keifer Sutherlandand features the same fast pace action and screen cuts that are the hallmark of the original series. The trailer itself is action packed ensuring that fans of the first series will tune in to see if Hawkins can live up to Sutherland's legacy. Don't worry aboutSutherland though, he has a new show on ABC and apparently he's graduated to President of the United States. Rating: Check it Out.

Making History - comedy

If you liked Hot Tub Time Machine, this is right up your alley. Making History a.k.a. duffel bag time machine takes one slacker and one professor and places them in colonial times, circa the American Revolution.

It stars Adam Palley (Happy Endings) and Yassir Lester (Girls) as a bumbling duo poised with making the American Revolution happen using a duffel bag that doubles as a time machine. Of course things are complicated when Palley's character Dan falls for Paul Reveres' daughter played by Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) at the expense of altering time.

This show could both ways. It could either be really funny or not at all. Rating:Try it out.

Son of Zorn - animated comedy

This is show is Archer if it was starring He-Man. It features a muscular animated character interacting with real people in the real world. Surprisingly, it has a well-known cast including Curb Your Enthusiam star Cheryl Hines and Saturday Night Live (SNL) alum, Tim Meadows.

Fellow SNL alum Jason Sudeikis voices Zorn. Rating: Seriously!?!

Shots Fired- crime drama

Controversy should be this show's middle name. It's a reverse twist on the Black Lives Matter debate with all of the cops being black and the victim of the police shooting being white. It stars Sanaa Lathan(Love and Basketball) and Stephan James (Selma) as detectives investigating a police shooting that has torn the community apart. It's abundantly clear from the trailer that viewer emotions will run high while watching this show. The story itself is pivotal to current events, but will it have a lasting effect beyond that or will it just incite more anger in racial charged America?Rating:Try it out

The Exorcist - horror

Moviegoers who remember the originalThe Exorcist film from 1973 will probably not like this new show based on it.

It stars Geena Davis(Beetlejuice) as the worried mom who is convinced that a demon is trying to posses her daughter and Alfonso Herrera(The Perfect Dictatorship) as the priest charged to help the family. The trailer doesn't capture the terror that the original movie conveyed and mostly, you don't care about the characters. Still, it's just the trailer and too early to tell. Rating: Pass

Prison Break- crime drama

Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) has returned from the dead and is trapped in another prison. His brother (Dominic Purcell) is tasked with helping him escape. Much like when fans of the X-Files rejoiced when the show was rebooted last year with the original cast, returning fans of Prison Breakwill feel the same way.

Rating: Nostalgia worthy

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