Do you want your brain to grow and you add to your education at the same time? Guess what, watching word games after work will do just that, stimulate those tired brain cells by feeding them puzzles and questions. Wy do you think that Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! still hit prime time TV? Yes, they are popular but beyond that, they attract people for relaxation and stimulation at the same time.

Playing Hangman Wheel of Fortune Style

I know that I love to guess those words starting with Wheel. Do I get them before the contestants? Sometimes, but those that have been picked for the show are often so quick on the draw it boggles my brain!

It reminds me of a game of scrabble, except I am not the one doing the winning and I do not collect the cash at the end of the day. I do not have to hope that someone will play the game with me, I can sit there and challenge myself instantly. It is like doing that morning crossword and timing yourself to see if you can do it faster or actually solve it in one sitting.

Testing Yourself with Jeopardy!

You haven't had enough of word games? Jeopardy! takes over the prime-time space soon after you have given a great deal of thought to hangman. Here is where the real brain power starts! You have warmed up the process with Wheel and now on to the trivia part of the evening! The categories are priceless and the clues certainly give hints as to what the answer might be.

I have learned a great deal just watching this show and my ability to answer the questions is still negligible at best. How to humble yourself on world knowledge is easy when you take the time to watch this incredible show.

How Have You Stimulated Your Brain?

There are so many avenues for stimulating your brain and the two prime-time game shows are a front runner when it comes to down-time after work.

I still love doing crosswords in the morning to get my brain started and I love to finish with Wheel and Jeopardy! to make sure my brain is in tune before I go out and play sports or connect with the rest of the world. How do you stimulate your brain?

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