Wentworth Miller — the actor currently playing Leonard "Captain Cold" Snart onDC's Legends of Tomorrow —just signed a contract with Warner Brothers that allows him to continue appearing on The CW afterLegends finishes its first season next Thursday. The news came just as fans of The Arrowverse (the name given to the collection of CW shows based on DC Comics, includingLOT,The Flash, andArrow) watched Leonard Snart die on the penultimate episode ofLegends of Tomorrow's first season. While viewers wait for the season finale of the CW's most recent addition to DCTV, one question remains:what role will Captain Cold play going forward?

Given the time-travelling nature ofLegends, it's possible that his death is undone in the season finale, allowing all sorts of room for the character in the show's sophomore season. Having originated onThe Flash, it's also possible Barry Allen and company have already allowed Snart'sdoppelgänger to cross over from Earth 2, meaning "Snart 2" could exist in the Arrowverse even if "Snart 1" remains dead.

Of course, there's no reason to think Captain Cold couldn't end up fighting with (or against) the Green Arrow. It's even possible that The CW decides to allow the character to show up onSupergirl, even if she's not technically part of the same "universe" (although Barry Allen has appeared in National City already, so anything is possible).

Captain Cold origins:The Flash

Miller first portrayed Leonard Snart in the first season ofThe Flash, stealing what would become his signature weapon from STAR Labs. He was also responsible for his friend Mick "Heat Wave" Rory obtaining his signature weapon. The duo are ultimately defeated by The Flash and imprisoned.

Weather Wizard breaks Snart free from prison hoping to recruit Snart to help hunt down The Flash.Instead, Captain Cold warns Barry what's in store and then leaves Central City completely. That is, until his services were needed by Rip Hunter.

Leonard Snart reprise: DC's Legends of Tomorrow

In an effect to expand the DC Comics-based Arrowverse on the CW, producer Greg Berlanti introduced Legends of Tomorrow, featuring a team of 8 superheroes that travel through time in an effort to save humanity from an apocalyptic future.

Former criminals, Snart and Rory aren't eager to join at first. For most of the first season, Rory must continually be convinced that being part of the team is worth his time. At one point, Snart personally removes Heat Wave from their ship — only to have Mick return as an enemy —and then ultimately side with the Legends again.

A romance has slowly blossomed through the first season between Captain Cold and back-from-the-dead assassin Sara "White Canary" Lance. They finally kissed on the most recent episode — moments before Snart gave his own life to save the team (and the future of mankind).

Wentworth Miller'sacting résumé

Miller is best-known for his Golden Globe Award-winning role as Michael Scofield inPrison Break (alongside Dominic Purcell, who plays Heat Wave in the Arrowverse). He will reprise the role in aPrison Break miniseries that just recently began taping.

He also played Gage in an episode ofBuffy the Vampire Slayer (season 2, episode 20), Chris Redfield in theResident Evil movies, and Dr. Adam Lockwood in the firstUnderworld.

Now that Supergirlis moving to the CW, it's also entirely possible that Miller gets to add that show to his acting CV as well. The fact that Supergirland The Flash teamed up earlier this season in National City (much to the delight of critics) shows that it's possible for anyone from Barry Allen and Oliver Queen's world totheoretically fight side-by-side with Superman's cousin.

Season finale ofLegends of Tomorrow

Is Captain Cold really dead? Has Leonard Snart truly seen his last mission as a member of Rip Hunter's league of future legends?

The CW will air the season finale ofDC's Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday, May 19 at 8/7c.

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