Movies have always been a form of entertainment with an unwritten label of "do not try this at home." Yet it hasn't stopped films from becoming raunchier nor has it stopped people from trying the dumb things they watch in real life. Recently, there has been a release of a trio of movies that are unrelated but have the same title and premise, which sets a bad example for adults to follow. Here's a look at Bad Moms, Bad Teacher and Dirty Grandpa.

Bad Moms

Bad Moms is the latest trailer to hit the web.

It stars Mila Kunis (Ted 2), Kristen Bell (Frozen) Saturday Night Live's Kathryn Hahn, and Christina Applegate (Anchorman 2). The premise is Mila Kunis is a mom of elementary school children and the day to day task of ensuring that her children are getting school on time while maintaining a career as a single mom is just too much for her.


So she decides to become a bad mom. What ensues is two moms feeling empowered by Kunis' decision and they begin to party like college girls. In the end responsible mom Applegate is vilified and somehow the kids are better off from the bad mom's parenting.

To be honest, the trailer looks hilarious and its got a great comedic cast. The problem is that in real life if any mom decided to ignore food labels, their child could end up in the hospital. If they decided to neglect taking their children to school, they can expect a visit from child services and if they decided to throw a house party where raunchy behavior is permitted, the cops would be called. Again, this is a perfect example of why people should not imitate the things they see in films.

Dirty Grandpa

Dirty Grandpa came out in 2013 and starred Zac Ephron (Neighbors) and Robert De Niro (Goodfellas) as the bad grandpa.

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In the film the grandfather was just as dirty as the characters in American Pie complete with a 20-something girlfriend whose sex scene was filmed on camera. Obviously, this would never work if the film was called Bad Grandma, but ageism aside, the film served to make 72-year old De Niro look cool.

The funny thing is that in the film, De Niro went into a dance club and there he and his girlfriend did all kinds of raunchy dancing. If this film should be credited for one thing, it's for its ability to make the old man in the club thing work. Anyone who has ever been to a club in their 20's knows that the old man in the club is the saddest sight you will ever see. No one wants to dance with him and everyone is wishing that he would just grow up. The only situation that this works in, is if the old man has a lot of money and the person he's flirting with is a gold digger.

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher came out in 2011. The film starred Cameron Diaz (Sex Tape) and was so successful that they made it into a television show starring Ari Graynor (Garfunkel & Oates).

Unfortunately, the show was cancelled in its first season. The premise for both is basically the same. The principle character hates teaching, but uses it as a vehicle to either get a husband (TV) or breast implants (film). Like Bad Moms, there is a character who is a great teacher who gets vilified throughout the film and television show.

This show's premise is a little worse than Bad Moms. Instead of just ruining the adolescence of two or three children, this teacher has decided to scar an entire classroom of children. It's wrong on so many levels. The problem is that Bad Teacher, horrible lessons aside, was actually a pretty entertaining film, which makes it harder to convince the general public that it sends a terrible message. In any case, anyone who has viewed the film or the TV show, needs to recognize that behavior like this has consequences and anyone who decides to act on this in real life is asking for trouble.