“The Blacklist” finished up its third season run with the big reveal that set up the cliffhanger for people to chew over until season four starts in a few months. The reveal was something that was hugely anticipated but had a nice twist. In any case, go no further, gentle reader, if you have not seen the episode and don’t want a spoiler.

The episode concludes Ray Reddington’s quest for Alexander Kirk, the man who caused the death of Elizabeth Keen, with the reluctant participation of her old FBI friends.

The scheme involved planting illegal oil in a shipment to one of Kirk’s refineries that would cause him to have to come to the United States to account for himself at a Senate hearing. Then Reddington would kill him. Things go sideways for a number of reasons.

First, Kate Kaplan spirits away Liz’s on again off again on again husband Tom and their baby Agnes to what she thinks is a haven in Cuba where they’ll be safe from people like Reddington and Kirk. However, it looks like Kirk is not in the United States.

He is headed to Cuba, presumably to kill Tom and grab the baby. When asked to account for her behavior, Kaplan ruefully admits that Tom and Agnes aren’t the only ones who are in trouble.

Yes (roll the music) Liz Keen is still alive and in Cuba. Kaplan had faked her death and taken her away to a safe house in sunny Cuba. The idea is that Liz would never be safe so long as Reddington insisted on being associated with her.

Very put out, Reddington and his associates wing their way to Cuba to try to salvage the Charlie Foxtrot that Kaplan has caused.

They are too late. Dad, mom, and the baby are all gone. Reddington puts a gun under Kaplan’s chin and asks what is to be done about her.

The last scene has Liz waking up tied to a chair. Alexander Kirk emerges from the shadows and announces, in effect and roll the drums, that he is her father.

So there we have it. “The Blacklist” ended the current season with two well-worn tropes at once. The dead character becomes alive again, almost like Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones.” And the evil villain turns out to be the father of one of our intrepid heroes, just like “Star Wars’” Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. The question arises, what will Reddington do now?

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