Cosby still in the midst of controversy

When at the very height of the paltry disclosures offered by 15 different females that it seemed the least possible, one female bearing one charge filed against comedian Bill Cosby has brought the weight of the Sword Damicles down on the shoulders of the long-time television favorite and star of the Bill Cosby Show's head. Today, the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, District court released information that decided the next hours of the fate of William Cosby.  Cosby,  who was accused of assaulting the 15, settling one charge out of court in 2005,  will, now, be facing the gavel during what must proceed to a full trial on charges of rape.  

In a decision made public today in Pennsylvania Judge, Liz McHugh's indicated that the prosecution had established their case against Cosby, adding that probable cause had been made evident to the court.  In a statement made to McHugh, however, Cosby attorneys stated that the prosecution's case was based on a statement that contained only hearsay and that it made reference to a situation that developed between a former Temple University basketball coach, Andrea Constandt 12 years ago.

Cosby attorneys do not want trial

Cosby Attorney, Brian McMonagle argued that the former television star of I Spy,  co-starring actor Robert Culp should not go to trial. McMonagle commented that the course of action taken by the court and prosecution is a clear demonstration of discrimination in the manner that the defendants rights are being grossly violated.


The famed actor/mentor's defense had previously challenged prosecutors pointing to the willingness to attend and the presence of Constandt in the home of the married Bill Cosby as an indication that she was a willing participant.  Also, Constandt made statements during the most recent proceedings, prior to that heard today, that the then women's basketball coach found the idea of a sexual liasson with Cosby to be engaging, stating that she reacted to Cosby by touching the multi-million dollar star, placing her hand on his genitalia.  Fans of Cosby have asserted outrage expressing their feelings about the matter and disputing rape. In the case with the 15 women, Cosby fans have stated that their impression is that the women may have been prostitutes and, as opposed to engaging with them in prostitution or other unlawful activities, the comedian more likely had a number of flings with females who, disappointed after not receiving pay,  turned tables on Cosby, thereafter, charging him with rape.

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Constandt commented during the November hearings  in which she offered a disclosure of the events that occurred on the night in November, 2004. that her attorneys, now, claim involved a sexual assault.

In a few details, Constandt stated that she and Cosby met with associates for an evening out.  After the event, the two proceeded to the Pennsylvania home owned by Cosby and wife, Camille.  While, there, Constandt stated that she consumed alcohol and took pills that caused her to feel relaxed, thereafter indicating that Cosby made advances that she reciprocated.

The court files indicate that in 2004, the year of the incident, there were no charges filed. However, in 2005, the former basketball coach's attorneys filed charges alleging felony indecency and, now, claiming a sexual assault. The civil case resolved out of court in 2005, ended in a $5m dollar settlement. Yet, in a sudden twist of fate, the case was overturned when the young athlete disclosed the matter during a radio interview.  The civil suit that was once settled in her favor stipulated that the matter remain concealed.

Under the agreed conditions, Constandt forfeited the settlement . 

While Cosby attorneys contend that the trial violates Cosby's rights, the trial begins at an undisclosed date in the future.