The trailer for an upcoming Civil War drama, entitled “The Free State of Jones,” has been released, according to Coming Soon. The movie, which stars Mathew McConaughey, tells the story of Newton Night, a deserter from the Confederate Army, who rebelled against the Confederacy and established his own independent country in Jones County, Mississippi. “The Free State of Jones” is written and directed by Gary Ross, who created such films as “The Hunger Games” and “Seabiscuit.” The movie is scheduled to be released on June 24.

“The Free State of Jones” relates a little-known story from the Civil War. History records that Knight deserted from the Confederate Army after the Battle of Corinth and made his way home to Jones County.

He then raised a force of other Confederate deserters, local small farmers, and escaped slaves and declared his own country. With a small guerilla force that numbered perhaps between 150 to 250 effectives, he fought the Confederate Army until the end of the war, whereupon Knight aided the Union forces during Reconstruction. He married an African American woman. In effect, the country he started was the first multiracial nation in North America.

Newt Knight’s character is a matter of dispute by historians even 150 plus years after his adventures. One school of thought casts him as a Robin Hood character, fighting against slavery and secession. Another envisions him as a terrorist, committing atrocities against surrounding, pro-Confederate civilians.

The Civil War has not been as a typical subject for a film as it once was, which is remarkable considering how the conflict still touched on American politics and culture to this day, even with an African American president.

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Gugu Mbatha Raw and Keri Russell costar with McConaughey in the movie. Raw will also appear in the upcoming, live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast." Russell is most famous for her role as a deep cover Soviet KGB agent living in 1980s Washington in the TV series “The Americans.” McConaughey most recently starred in the science fiction epic “Interstellar.”