It has been a difficult year forThe Vampire Diaries. Losing Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert a year ago meant losing a lot of fans. It was difficult to move the focus away from the main character, and the network certainly felt it with the drop in the rating. Now it looks like the show is giving the viewers what they wanted: Elena back.

Season 7 finale trailer of 'The Vampire Diaries' hints Elena's return

Friday May 13 sees the finale of Season 7 ofThe Vampire Diaries. The trailer hints that Elena will return, based on Damon whispering her name.

The question is whether this is plausible considering it would mean Bonnie has to die.

There are possibilities available. The first is that Bonnie could end up dying, although Kat Graham has been confirmed forThe Vampire Diaries Season 8. Bringing Bonnie back from the dead yet again is taking things a bit too far. It means the writers have had to find a way around the curse.

Meanwhile, Elena's body is in The Armoury, which has been recently sealed after Bonnie let the monster out of the vault. The trailer makes it look like everyone trapped in there with the monster has been killed, but is it possible that it has taken over Elena's body?

Damon and Stefan may have to face an evil taking over Elena's body and try to remove it without killing her.

Does it have to be Elena?

Another potential idea is that the vault is the doorway to hell. Rather than it being Elena, it could have been doppelganger Katherine Pierce. She was last seen getting dragged to hell, and she may have found a way out.

Another theory is that Elena is not real at all.

It is not clear what this vault monster inThe Vampire Diaries actually does. There is the possibility that it makes people hallucinate their deepest desires or wants to then attack. Another idea is that it takes the form of a person close to its victim. With Damon and Stefan both in The Armoury, taking on the form of Elena certainly makes sense.

All that being said, there has been no confirmation over whether Dobrev is returning.

She has made no note on Twitter or Instagram, and none ofThe Vampire Diaries cast or crew have hinted at anything. The name in the trailer may just be a red-herring or a hint that she is returning for the potential final season ofThe Vampire Diaries.

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