This week on a brand new episode of "The Simpsons" season 27 reaches it's finale with a show titled, "Orange Is the New Yellow." The episode is full of irony this time around and gives a less than subtle nod to "Orange Is The New Black," in the process. Marge, usually proud of her parenting skills, is hauled into jail for letting her oldest child Bart play in the park without any adult supervision.

The irony comes into play when you consider that, with Marge in jail, she can't supervise Bart, or the rest of her family, behind bars. This week Bart writes on the chalkboard, "Milhouse does not live below the poverty line," and the couch gag features the family as line drawings. Homer is unable to assemble their new couch so he steals Ned's couch from next door.

Marge is arrested

Sometimes it's best not to ask many questions with an animated series when something silly or bizarre happens, and this is especially the case with "The Simpsons." Homer calls home from work and says he is about to leave, but Mr. Burns keeps him three hours late hanging up a poster that covers a potentially dangerous radiation leak.

Marge is again shown taking care of all the work around the house and when Bart tries to help and makes a mess she tells him to go outside and play. At the playground, Bart talks to Martin, whose mother is concerned Bart is unsupervised. Chief Wiggum shows up and finds out it's Marge who let Bart play alone so he goes to arrest her.

The prison lifestyle offers Marge a change of pace

The story makes the news and Marge is seen as negligent.

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The judge sentences marge to 90 days in jail and she's hauled away. Lisa declares the situation is Kafkaesque and also Orwellian. Marge takes care of herself while in prison, knocking out other prisoners with her hair that she calls "Blue thunder" and actually thrives without the hassles of being a homemaker. Marge plants prison flowers and gets exercise and wonders if she's in a prison or a spa. Lisa and Bart call Marge and tell her all the things she needs to do for them but she hangs up the phone.

Homer gets the best lawyer in town to get Marge free, but she grabs a gun from the guard, shoots it and gets herself two more months. She simply doesn't want to deal with life outside jail.

Homer is left to take care of the house and kids

Left to take care of the mess at home, Homer is a failure. Bart yells at him to cook the sausage just as Ned Flanders shows up. All the neighbors file into the house with food and try to pick up some of the slack now that Marge is in jail.

Homer is touched by the sentiment and the neighbors see it as a wake up call to be better parents. However, Homer misses Marge, despite the help of the neighbors. Eventually, a dual disaster of a prison break and a tornado ends the episode and season. Homer goes to the jail during the chaos, dresses as a guard and takes Marge home amid the chaos. The episode ends with the entire family hugging in a closet.

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