The Originals Season 3 finale only aired last week, and fans have already found out they will have to wait longer than normal for the Season 4 premiere. According to the CW, the show will air in January 2017, rather than the usual October 2016.

Why is 'The Originals' put on hold?

This isn't to say the show isn't expected to do well.The Originals fans are understandably shocked at the decision, considering The Vampire Diarieswas the show within the same universe expected to be canceled this year. The CW actually has a lot of belief in the spinoff, which is why it is being held off until the mid-season schedule.

The young network wants to have a strong mid-season lineup to keep viewers throughout the year.

Others held off.

The Originals isn't the only show to be held off until January.The 100 andReignare both being kept off the air until next year. However, one show is currently still airing and the other show didn't leave as much of a cliffhanger asThe OriginalsSeason 3.

Out of action.

Claire Holt returned for the Season 3 finalebut was quickly put back to sleep. The curse is getting worse for her, and now her family desperately needs to find a cure.

The problem is her family are now all out of action. Elijah and Kol have been bitten by Uber Original Marcel, with a venom that has no cure at all, and Freya has been poisoned without a known cure.

What about Klaus Mikaelson?

Where's Klaus in all this? He was put on trial and sentenced to imprisonment. It was nearly death, but Rebekah helped to prevent that and Marcel stabbed him with Papa Tunde's blade.

He's been bricked up behind a wall until Marcel decides he can be released. The good news is that the Mikaelsons are all linked to Klaus, so as long as he is alive the rest will be.

There will be a time jump forThe Originals Season 4. How far ahead that will be is unknown, but fans suspect that it will be at least three years. This will put the show back into the same timeline asThe Vampire Diaries.

It would certainly make sense considering Caroline found out that Klaus has been missing from New Orleans for three years, so he can't show up any time soon.

However far ahead it jumps, fans will have to wait forThe Originals Season 4 until January 2017.

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