The CBS Upfronts were Wednesday and the network debuted three sitcoms, three reboots, one medical procedural and one legal drama. Compared to the other networks, the results were less promising, but there is one show that fanboys have been anticipating with baited breath. The official logo and opening for the new Star Trek (2017) was premiered and sci-fi fans might be feeling a bit of deja vu. It seems that the look of the new series a cross between Star Wars, Star Trek (2009) and Dr. Who.

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Sci-fi universes collide

The trailer begins with a look at new worlds and then it heads into warp speed. Anyone who is a sci-fi fan knows that Star Wars has light speed and Star Trek has warp speed.

While Star Wars has maintained the same light speed look with better CGI since its conception in the late 70's, the warp speed look has changed throughout the years, which is evident in the previous five Star Trek series and 13 subsequent films. 

However since both Star Wars and Star Trek are being helmed by the same film director, J.J. Abrams, the look of both franchises are merging a bit. Now warp speed features long darting white lights akin to Star Wars, rather than using flames, white flashes or multicolored lights that were prevalent in the previous versions.

Most fans aren't calling foul, but they are saying that the intro looks like CBS reused shots from the 2009 Star Trek film. It features the same darting lights and trips to CGI worlds. A comparison the current series versus the ending to Star Trek (2009), and its clear that both are nearly identical. If anything, it speaks to how successful the 2009 film was for the franchise.

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A dash of Dr. Who

Of course in the tight knit sci-fi genre, there's bound to be a bit of overlap. A closer look at the new CBS trailer reveals that it borrowed a lot of its look from Dr. Who during the Matt Smith years. The Eleventh Doctor had two opening themes but the latter one features the same fast paced, dizzing race through space while engulfed in a orange hue of galaxies far and away. It's possible that the special effects department might have been fans of the show or at least students to the show's creators.

Whatever the case, loyal fans are psyched for what is to come. While most of the CBS Upfront trailers are long and divulge almost the entire plot of the first episode, this new trailer features no cast, no shots of the Enterprise and no glimpses of the new aliens that await the crew. As far as marketing goes, this might have been the smartest move because not only do fans not know what to expect, they will also tune in to see if this new reboot will measure up to previous endeavors.