This week on a fresh "The Last Man On Earth" season 2 begins to wrap up with an episode titled, "Smart and Stupid."  At the start of the episode Todd is enraged that Phil and Mike are eating the last of the bacon. Later, Phil offers Todd the chance to burn down the Santa Monica pier with him, but he declines. Todd tells Phil he's his number two now that his brother is back. Gail, who has been a raging alcoholic so far, tries to stop drinking this week after it's unclear if she saw a drone or not last episode.

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Mike and Erica get acquainted

it turns out Erica is a former bank robber who spent some time in jail back in Australia. She ended up in America working for the State Department by having a fake identity of Amanda Williams.

Mike asks if she's told anyone else and she informs him that they've never bothered to ask her anything much about her life before the virus. He takes her on a first date to a Japanese restaurant and everything seems to be fine. They joke about her being pregnant with another man's child and he jokes back about being married to Carol. Who knows why they haven't gotten divorced yet, now that Carol has announced her pregnancy with the assumption that Phil wasn't sterile after all.

Mike gets sick

While Milking the cow, Mike has developed a cough and is spitting up blood. It stops Phil and Todd from arguing and It causes some panic because no one knows if it will spread to Erica's or Carol's babies. Phil puts on a contamination suit brings his brother into the living room where everyone else is also wearing contamination suits.

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They put Mike in a bubble and give him a bucket for a bathroom. Phil takes his suit off but no one else is brave enough to do the same. Later, Erica and Mike have a second date, each on separate sides the of the bubble, and Erica takes off her mask to kiss him through the plastic. Just as things heat up, Melissa informs everyone the cow has died. Todd tells everyone Mike was milking it earlier in the day.

The group decides a plan of action

Phil keeps insisting it's a cold and his brother isn't infected with the virus. Nevertheless, everyone else leaves the Malibu house and finds somewhere else to stay for the night. They all say goodbye and walk away, still wearing contamination suits. Phil stays behind and sticks by his brother, singing "Falling Slowly" together as they fall asleep. The next morning Mike is gone and has left behind a note for his brother that states he didn't want to have to say goodbye again. The episode comes to a close with Phil inside the bubble as it deflates.