This week on a new episode of "The Flash" season 2 reaches the penultimate episode with "Invincible." Last week, Barry got his speed back after a short visit to the Speed Force. This week, that speed is much needed when Zoom unleashes his twisted army of Earth-2 bad guys upon the city. They turn the city upside down and cause an intense amount of chaos that the police force simply aren't prepared to defend against.

Barry gets right back to business

Without skipping a beat, Barry gets down to the task of cleaning up the Earth-2 meta-humans that have brought the metapocalypse upon the city.

Inspired by all of the action around him, Wally tries to step up to the plate and do some crime fighting of his own, which has Joe upset that he's going to get in a fight that he has no ability to win.


Joe asks Barry to talk to Wally, and he does, but at the end of the day Wally is who he is, a reflection of the man Joe has become. Wally does save the day when he hits Black Siren with his car and saves The Flash from becoming a victim of her siren scream.

Caitlin returns a bit shook up

 Obviously Caitlin didn't want to be Zoom's captive any longer than she needed to be, so when the opportunity came around to leave she took it. Of course, that decision came with another threat from Zoom that if she left there would be deadly consequences. During this entire episode Caitlin keeps seeing visions of Zoom, she just can't shake the trauma she's been through, but Cisco tries to convince her that everything will be alright. Part of the recovery process this episode found Cisco and Caitlin dressing up as their Earth-2 counterparts and trying to fool Black Siren that Killer Frost and Reverb weren't dead after all.

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The gag fooled her long enough for Barry to run fast enough around the city for Cisco's dimensional shock therapy device to knock out all the metahumans so they could be rounded up and locked away at S.T.A.R. labs.

Zoom kills Henry Allen in front of Barry

The most shocking moment of the episode came right at the end when a disgruntled and frustrated Zoom decided the only course of action he could take to make Barry convinced that he and The Flash are the same was to kill his father in front of him. Barry watched Helplessly as Zoom grabbed Henry Allen and then took him back to Barry's childhood home. When The Flash caught up to Zoom he pleaded for his father's life, and his father was able to tell Barry just how proud he was of him. As the episode came to a dark close, Zoom killed Henry while Barry could do nothing but witness the tragedy. The season two finale of "The Flash" airs next week, May 24, on The CW.