This week on a brand new "The Flash" season 2 inched towards the finale with an episode titled, "The Runaway Dinosaur." Kevin Smith guest directed the action this time around with the writing and script provided courtesy of Zack Stentz, writer for "X-Men: First Class." On a side note, Smith found a place in the episode for his old sidekick, Jason Mewes, known in the View Askewniverse as Jay, the talking character to Kevin's Silent Bob. For his part, Smith's contribution was perfectly balanced and his efforts never seemed heavy-handed or distracting, making this episode fit perfectly within the established norm of "The Flash." Kevin Smith should be welcomed back in the future if the chance comes around again for him to sit in the director's chair.

Barry survived the particle accelerator explosion

It wasn't shocking to find out that Barry wasn't incinerated to death at the end of last week. Exactly where Barry ended up though was surprising, because they could have placed him anywhere.


The Speed Force knocked him into another realm, one of a metaphysical nature where Barry was presented with perceptions of the people who matter the most in his life. When Cisco touches the remains of The Flash's charred suit, he gets a vibe that shows him that Barry is safe in this other realm. With that, Cisco tasks himself to bridge the gap between the two and bring Barry home.

Barry accepts the limitations of speed

Barry wakes up in his childhood bed and it's evident we're once again going to discuss the death of his mother, Nora Allen. Barry walks downstairs and sees the crime scene tape and a facsimile of Joe, who is a representative of the Speed Force. The Speed Force tells Barry he's not going back until he catches a mysterious dark blur that's circling the house outside. Barry's emotional journey through the episode leads him to a place where he finally grasps that he most likely won't every be able to save everyone he loves, his speed can't solve all the problems.

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Inevitably, Barry finds out the dark blur is his speed, and Cisco and Iris are instrumental in reaching out to Barry and bringing him back to earth with his speed once again intact.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs

Jesse needs to be saved, so Iris and Cisco go down to the basement morgue where they encounter a zombie. The zombie is in fact Girder, who was once Tony Woodward and a bully to Barry. The particle accelerator explosion is the cause of his zombie state and he breaks free of the lab and roams the city, doing whatever it is zombies do. Eventually, Girder crosses paths with the character played by Jason Mewes and destroys a Humvee owned by his mother. In the end, Girder wanted Iris and followed her back to S.T.A.R. Labs, despite walking right past her at the start of the episode. Of course Barry as The Flash resolves the zombie crisis when he's pulled out of the Speed Force, just in the nick of time and also pulls Jesse out of her coma.