I have watched NCIS for a long period of time and I find that some of the characters are timeless. I love PaulyPerrette (Abby) as she is such an individual and although really tops at her job, her eccentricitiesoften give the show something to think about. Style, statements, but in love with her job, she is one of those characters that belong in Mensa!

Mark Harmon (Special Agent Gibbs) continues to be the staple of the show with the other players not too far behind. The show has had great reviews of late because of the "to be continued..." at the end of each show. My question is..."Does this style (cliff-hanger) of episode actually get watchers to tune back in?" In my case, I make sure I have the recorder set to the date and time needed, just in case I cannot make the show when it is aired.

The absolutely is something about a good mystery that keeps people watching the show.

Human Nature and NCIS

The hard shell that Special Agent Gibbs revealsoften makes the other characters jump and this episode he is known as a scary person. Then you meet other players and they talk back with little effect. He is told that he quite often, if not all the time, intimidates witnesses and this time is left out of the loop until the "interview" is almost over. Gibbs is not happy but does not like being left out. His nature is to control!

The Life Story Continues

Our favorite FBI agent, T.C. Fornell (played by Joe Spano), lies in a coma in the hospital with his daughter at his side. You are not sure if he will wake up or remain there.

Emily (played by JulietteAngelo) is a very strong and forceful young lady that demands her father be saved. Is is her will that brings him back to life? Only time will tell during the next few episodes. I love her character, she is one of those that really has a strong will and knows what she wants, kind of like her father!

The Cliff Hanger

Somehow Ziva David comes back into the picture but not quite yet. The destruction of her farm home is shown on international TV and all at NCIS watched it burn...to their horror they realize that the farm is where Ziva was to be in a safe place. Did she survive or will she be in trouble?

After all, Kort (played by David Dayan Fisher) is on the loose and is a dual agent. Stay tuned...

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