Some upsides exist for the cancellation of the long-running romantic crime drama, “Castle.” First, with no season 9 without Kate Beckett in the future, the character might get to live, meaning TV’s coolest crime couple will get to have their happily ever after. The network had given Stana Katic the royal order of the boot for budgetary reasons, strongly implying that her character was about to be killed off.

The second reason to be happy that “Castle” will soon be history is that Nathan Fillion will be available for other projects/ As Cinema Blend reported, the star tweeted, “Dear Every Director, it appears I have an opening in my schedule.” Of course, every “Firefly” fan on the planet raised an eyebrow and started dreaming of “Serenity Part Two: The Alliance Strikes Back.”

To be sure it has been over ten years since the crew of the Serenity exposed the machinations of the Alliance over that unfortunate experiment on Miranda.

Have they been tooling around the Verse since, picking up odd jobs, some of them not strictly legal? One would like to think that Mal and company managed to make that big score that allowed them to retire in some measure of comfort. But the Alliance has not forgotten having been embarrassed by out intrepid heroes. So the time may come to start flying again, this time, to avoid the vengeance that it about to befall them.

A person can dream, of course.

In the meantime, plenty of work exists for Fillion, surely, where a handsome leading man with just a hint of naughtiness is needed. George Clooney, after all, made the same career leap when he left “ER” and started a series of mostly successful films.

So did Bruce Willis and a number of other actors who had dazzled audiences on the small screen.

After a variety of projects where Fillion plays spies, cops, soldiers, and other manly characters, he will have built up enough street cred to do some serious films. His schedule may have an opening now, but one suspects that will not be the case for very long.

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