A new preview was just released for JoJo Fletcher's season ofThe Bachelorette, and it shows that aBachelor is coming back on the show. Now everyone wants to know who the guy is that will be joining this season of the show and of course, Reality Steve was already able to figure it out. It isn't crazy for a guy to come back on this reality show after being on a past season.

Who is returning?

Juan Pablo Galavis has expressed interest in dating JoJo Fletcher, but he is not the guy that is returning to the show.

He really didn't part ways with ABC on a good note and they probably won't ever invite him back again. It will actually be Jake Pavelka who shows up. Everyone remembers that he was on the show years ago and found love, but it didn't work out. Since then Jake has been continuing to work as a pilot and has also been on a reality cooking show.

The thing is Jake Pavelka isn't there to try to find love with JoJo.

He knows her brother and her family and is there to offer her some advice. It is normal for them to bring back past contestants to give advice, but they make it look like Jake is there to try to find love. The guys may end up thinking he is there as well. That would make them think that they might have some pretty big competition if they realize that JoJo already knows him.

Do you think he will stick around?

It really doesn't look like there is any reason for him to stick around.

He will give advice to JoJo and go on his way. Spoilers don't really say how much of Jake viewers will get to see or how long the guys will think he is trying to find love just like them. So far, it sounds like Jake is the only one who will show up this season as well, so don't expect Juan Pablo Galavis to get a part or for Nick Viall to show up once again. Hopefully, JoJo Fletcher will find love this season on the show with one of the 25 men that they brought her.

Are you excited to see JoJo Fletcher on the upcoming season ofThe Bachelorette? Do you think that she will find love? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss the new season when it starts to air on ABC on Monday, May 23. This looks one wild season.

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