Tamil movie KO 2 touted to be the sequel to blockbuster KO has hit the theaters in Tamil Nadu and across India on Friday, May 13, 2016.

The film has succeeded in creating massive pre-release hype, and it is getting reflected in the theaters. Most of the screens in Chennai marked an attendance of 70 percentage, and this is undoubtedly an outstanding achievement for a movie with no big stars to boast about.

National Award winning actor Bobby Simha has done the lead role in this flick.

This political thriller features him in the role of a common man who fights for justice.

The basic storyline is too much engaging. The film showcases the story of an average Indian citizen who kidnaps the Chief Minister's son, and what follows next is unbelievable revelations regarding Indian Economic System.

The initial reports coming out from the release centers are mixed.


People are praising director Sarath for his slick narration, but the screenplay is not that engaging like its predecessor.

This Sarath directorial may strike gold in box-office if word of mouth works for KO 2. Expected collections in the first weekend can go up to ten crores.

You can watch the trailer of the film:

All the actors in this movie have put up an impressive show. Bobby Simha enacted his character with finesse, and the same is the case of Nikki Galrani.

The show stealer in this anticipated outing is none other than versatile actor Prakash Raj. The actor did his role with perfection, and his screen presence is something unquestionable in nature.

Leon James music was common, and there is nothing special about it.

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Visuals are below normal, and it fails to create a WOW feel in the minds of the viewers.

This new flick carries a relevant social message, but with a mediocre screenplay, it failed to hit the Bull's Eye. Nassar also has played a powerful character in KO 2 which has a running time of 128 minutes.

If you want to watch a mediocre political story with some beautiful moments, then KO 2 will be the perfect choice for you.