With the success of the Batman prequel show ‘Gotham’ on Fox Television Network, there were rumblings a few years ago of a similarly styled prequel for the iconic Superman character. Now it seems that the series has been developed, and a pilot has been ordered by the Syfy Network.The show titled ‘Krypton’, takes place two generations before the events causing Krypton’s destruction, launching the historical baby to Earth, who goes onto become Superman.

The main character will reportedly be Superman’s grandfather, fighting to save his family’s name, after a public disgrace; presumably dealing with the planet’s destruction.

The show will be developed by David S. Goyer (‘Batman Begins’, Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’). With major established names behind the series, it should be interesting to see just how far ‘Krypton’ makes it.

Comparisons to Fox’s ‘Gotham’ are inevitable. However, Fox’s issue with that show is that they had no plan going in. The showrunners created a show of a younger Bruce Wayne, and stated introduced baby versions of all antagonists from the Batman stable of characters from DC, with no unified season long arc of storyline. This created a disjointed and superfluous show fueld by the novelty of gasp-reactions of seeing characters inserted as Easter Eggs.

While ‘Krypton’ seeks to be more deep seated in the DC comics mythos.

As Goyer says: “It involves more of the mythology than I think people realize.”So 'Krypton' may easily set the stepping stones of the DC-TV Verse as we see with 5 DC shows currently running on television like ‘Arrow’, The Flash’, DC’s ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ on the CW, ‘Gotham’ on Fox, and CBS' ‘Supergirl.'

How long ‘Krypton’ can sustain itself though, is a different matter.

A story that definitely has a shelf life, like the destruction of the world. How many season the show can go with its original premise, without resorting to bastardizing the canon with appearances by characters who may have nothing to do with the show? ‘Caprica’ was a similar prequel set in the world of ‘Battlestar Galactica’, which was doomed before it began, and failed to resonate with audiences.

Krypton’ will definitely be an interesting show, as it looks to chronicle the days of the planet prior to its destruction. With writers behind the project who have origins deep seated in the DC mythology, ‘Krypton’ can be one of the most anticipated shows of next season.

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