#Superstore was a great success in its first season and many fans anxiously look forward for the second one, which is to debut during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.However, many critics pointed out that, besides the dream casting and heavy names producing it, the show resembles the legendary #TheOffice in more than one way. So, here are the greater resemblances and the best original ideas for the show.

The greatest resemblances with The Office

Every time Lauren Ash appears in a scene, there is no way to focus on anything else.

She literally gave life to her character, Dina, and is doing such a good job that sometimes you virtually forget it is a sitcom, not a hidden camera show. Even so, her character’s bearing, love for the company’s rules and social inaptitude instantly bring Rainn Wilson’s Dwight Schrute to mind. This results in really funny moments, but also comes across as a bit lazy, to just create a “female Dwight."

And when you bypass the image of Ben Feldman with a bloody nipple on Mad Men, you’ll grow rather fond of his character, Jonah.

Among many great traits with real potential to be funny, Jonah has a romantic interest in America Ferrera’s character, Amy Dubanowski, who works in close quarters and has a little crush on him, but is already married to a guy who could be more invested in their relationship. If it sounds familiar, Jim and Pam come to mind.

The best on Superstore

Their original stuff is actually where the show shines brightest.

Colton Dunn’s character, Garrett, is such a case. Exulting good humor, Garret is one of the sales associates, but really comes to light while making the announcements in the stores. Generally bored, he tends to fool customers and even his colleagues just to pass the time. On one occasion he entices Jonah to deny a customer's rightful option for a refund, pretending to give Jonah a life lesson, but just to have something fun to watch.

Also, he needs a wheelchair, but deals with this fact with good humor, which leads to tons of unexpected jokes.

Also, Nichole Bloom (from Shameless and Teen Wolf) portrays Cheyenne Tyler Lee, a teenage mom, whose baby’s father, Bo Derek Thompson (Johnny Pemberton) brings out joy and embarrassment for anyone watching.

The show is currently on hiatus, but available on Netflix.

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