Dan and Laura Dotson of American Auctioneers hosted the "Storage Wars" season 9 finale with an episode titled, "The Fat Lady Is Warming Up." Mary Padian, Ivy Calvin, Darrell "The Gambler" Sheets, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz all took part in the show this week and fought for unclaimed lockers at G&M Self Storage in Van Nuys, California. Twenty seven units were up for grabs and, despite such a large volume of lockers, Mary was unable to score even a single unit.

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz score

Jarrod gets in a bidding war with Ivy for the first unit of the day, and gets bid up, but eventually scores the unit for $600. They immediately find a dirty office chair worth $25, a $40 wine fridge and $65 in routers. They find multiple binders full of Topps baseball cards from 1970, including Pete Rose and Hank Aaron cards. Jarrod thinks they might be the best cards they've ever found and the one binder alone may be worth $200 or more.

They find a small guitar amplifier worth $50 and some really nice horse riding boots, an English saddle and a riding helmet. They take the horse gear to an expert to find out more information. The expert tells Jarrod and Brandi their horse riding items are worth $1,300, which gives them a profit for the day of $1,480.

Ivy Calvin wins big

The second unit is also a bidding war, this time between Ivy, Darrell and Jarrod, who puts up the biggest fight.

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Ivy comes out on top with the unit for $1,375 and immediately buys a second unit for $400, a third unit for $50 and a fourth unit for $100. Ivy takes his haul back to his shop and has his kids help him dig through it all. He finds two boxes of DVD's and a player he says are worth $320, $40 in bags and a Sony PS3 game unit with video games worth $100. He finds a vintage banjo he says is worth $100 and $300 worth of drums.

He finds a golf bag and says he's no expert in golf but values it at $60 for the set. Four glass shelving units are valued at $600 and a snowboard is said to be worth $80 easily. He finds some horns valued at $200 and a vintage stove he claims is also worth $200. Ivy takes his Total Station surveying machine to an expert and learns it's worth $4,000. Ivy wins for the day with a total profit of $4,415.

Darrell takes a gamble

Darrell buys the sixth unit of the day for $950 after battling it out with Ivy for the locker. He finds $45 in vacuums right away and a massive desk lamp he values at $100. He finds some sterling silver aviation glasses in a case and a few other pairs of sunglasses, some of which look vintage. Darrell decides to go get them checked out by an expert to determine the value. He finds a made in China beginner guitar made by Yamaha he values at $75 and a sign that says "Stud Inn" he values at $50.

He finds a salt and pepper shaker collection next and he values it at $400. The expert tells Darrell his vintage Willson goggle sunglasses from Reading, Pennsylvania are worth $400 and the other pairs are worth $685, giving him a profit for the day of $1,415.

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