Just when you thought it was it was safe to forget about any major character deaths this week’s Game of Thrones episode decided to give its audience a well-aimed emotional kick to the solar plexus. Oh my, it was perhaps a death so fervently tragic that support centers are no doubt forming around the globe as we speak.

Hold the door

Those of you who read last week’s episode musings may remember me mentioning some dust getting in my eye resulting a few tears at the reunion of Jon & Sansa. Well, this week it wasn't just dust, but a whole damn Sahara desert that got in my eyes because I couldn't see the end credits after the demise of the heroic Hodor.

It wasn't enough that he gave his life to save Bran from being given a good kicking by the manic hordes of the Night’s King but it was the revelation as to how Hodor originally acquired his name…… “hold the door” becoming “Hodor” I don’t know what was more heartbreaking, the manner of the gentle giant’s death itself or the fact that his whole life had been manipulated for this one ultimate act of heroism by holding the door and hordes at bay in order to save Bran. I don't know about you, but I need a large glass of red wine after that. Bloody hell!

Give him hell, Sansa.

If Hodor’s demise was suitably tragic then the journey of Sansa to becoming arguably one of the most interesting characters is equally as important.

There was a time when her two-dimensional existence merely moved from being sulkily selfish to being sulkily naïve in her trust of one shady figure after another (mainly male), only to be brutalised in every emotional and physical way. However her ‘interrogation’ of Mr Slime himself, Littlefinger, shows just how much her character has grown and developed.

If the TV series can be criticised for anything it’s in it failing occasionally to convey the complexity of some changes in certain characters that take place in the book – Jamie Lannister’s wonderful evolutionary arc for example isn’t really done justice on the small screen. Sansa it seems has fared much better in the TV adaptation which now shows her produce an ever increasing depth of personality and inner resolve.

The way that she berated Littlefinger with clear contempt for his betrayal of her to Ramsey was wonderful - even if the slimy toad still managed to get the last word in.

Some big reveals

Not only did we learn the origin of Hodor's name but a real golden nugget of a secret was also revealed that the dastardly White Walkers were actually created by the Children of the Forest to protect themselves from the even more dastardly……humans. Unfortunately, like most ungrateful offspring, the walkers won’t now listen to a word of advice from their creators and so the Forest folk no longer have any control over their offspring……ungrateful or what?

And notable mentions to…..

Oh Jorah, finally admitting to Dany that he loved her, which was nice.

But then mentioning the small insignificant fact that he had a pretty bad contagious disease probably was something of a passion killer methinks......Brienne and Tormund soon to be sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G ....... Is it just me or is Arya's story just a little bit on the unsatisfying side? .......The introduction of another red witch.......... Er, hot! .......No sign of Cersei this week. Well that won't do, will it!?

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