Last year, Meri Brown of Sister Wives was catfished. She was talking to a woman online that she thought was a man. Meri started to fall for this person and is now speaking out about how hard this was on her. The person threatened Meri, and she is now moving on past it all. Since Meri is part of a Reality TV show, maybe she can share her story and keep this from happening to someone else. 

How did Meri get tricked?

Meri Brown will be revealing all on Catching the Catfisher, which is coming up this Sunday on TLC.

She was actually talking to this person on the phone and Meri shared that she thought it sounded like a man with a southern accent. Meri said that this person was very flirty with her, and it was easy to talk to him.


They had a lot in common. Meri is still married to Kody, but this emotional relationship happened during their marriage. 

When it came to meeting up, Meri Brown did make plans, but the person always changed their mind or couldn't come for some reason. Of course, this made her wonder what was really going on. Instead, she met with his friend Lindsay and Meri shared that she got the creeps around her and wasn't very comfortable. Meri tried to be nice because this was supposed to be the friend of the guy she was talking to online and on the phone.

Meri started getting threatened 

Lindsay decided to threaten Meri Brown. Meri said, "She basically told me, 'Don't ever screw with us. Don't mess with him. Don't hurt him. I will ruin your life. And I will ruin your family.'" Meri shared about talking to her family about what was going on and said, "My family was very concerned for our safety and angry that we had been targeted.

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They were relieved once I told them what was really going on and saddened that I had been so afraid of involving them that I didn't go to them sooner." Meri's family has stuck by her side the entire time, and it doesn't look like she is leaving them at all now. Meri is even working hard to fix her relationship with Janelle Brown by going to counseling.

Are you shocked to hear that Meri Brown of Sister Wives was catfished? Do you think that this was always a woman who was messing with her? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss Sister Wives and Catching a Catfisher on Sunday night on TLC.