#SharkTank is a phenomenon!With presidential support, millions of dollars being pumped into the American economy, even during times of recession, and great minds setting up the bar as high as the average entrepreneur dares to dream, the show captivated the world with good time television, business lessons, and strategies for success.

Shark Tank all over the world

But although the American version is by far the most successful, other countries have their own predators to inspire their nations.Strangely enough, the show’s model is based on another one called Tiger of Money, in which poor entrepreneurs literally begged for money from rich business people.

Based on that rather strange television show, other twenty shows were created, including the many editions of Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. Also, this year of 2016 marks the premiere of #sharktankmexico, the first Latin-American version of the show.

The Australian version

The #sharktankau is hosted by Andrew Banks and features famous Australian business people. However, what gives this show a real personality is how the sharks deal with the entrepreneurs. Even when the candidates close a deal with a competing shark, it always looks like a party with all of them, a great show of cordiality and enthusiasm.Also, the updates are faster, and sometimes after the pitch they already show the success of the entrepreneur.

The sharks are now:

  • Andrew Banks: after achieving massive success in many careers and fields, Andrew now spends his time as an adviser, producing entertainment and with his family.
  • Janine Allis: the adventurous woman who traveled the world and even worked for David Bowie, Janine is responsible for the creation of both Boost Juice bars and Retail Zoo. She is also considered by her fellow shark Steve Baxter to be the smartest one among them all.
  • Steve Baxter: the visionary who invested all his money to build one of Australia’s first internet providing services, over two decades ago. He’s had a great career in the technology sector and now seeks to diversify his portfolio, as he explained in season one, just before investing in an organic gourmet supermarket.
  • Naomi Simson: the founder of Red Balloon, Naomi is a social media mogul followed by millions on LinkedIn.
  • Glen Richards: the most recent arrival, Dr. Glen already has closed more deals than Naomi, having invested in three companies in Season 2.

And after two small seasons, they finally got the recipe right, mixing great ideas with good pitches, and a perfect selection of sharks for the show.

The season finale shows exactly how “dangerous” the waters are becoming, and how great ingenuity will always mark this show.

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