Arpita Khan, better known as the beloved sister of Salman Khan is now spending some quality moments in New York with her husband Aayush Sharma and son Ahil.

A couple of days back, the young lady who is quite active in social media sites posted some of her holiday photos, and it received unexpected trolls from body shamers on Instagram.

But on May 24, 2016, Arpita literally lashed out against the trollers, and made a clear statement that, she is not at all impacted by the nasty comments. 

At this juncture, readers should understand that Arpita has been trolled in social networking sites for her weight.

The lady has gained some weight after her delivery, and this has motivated the trollers to start their deeds. 

Arpita, after reading the comments under her photos back-lashed with style, and she asked her well wishers not to spend time for reacting against jobless, jealous and insecure people who create all these trolls. 

She asked everyone to ignore their comments, and added that there is no point in giving them much importance.


Arpita doubted whether these online trollers have any other work to do. She requested all these people to use their precious time for better causes, rather than spending all their valuable moments by visiting other's profile and building trolls. She even compared the trollers with barking dogs.

The Khan girl and Aayush have been leading an enviable married life for the past two years. During this vacation, they even met Hollywood Superstar Dwayne Johnson. It was Priyanka Chopra who made this meeting possible.

 Priyanka Chopra is now a very influential personality in Hollywood, and the lady star is currently filming her new movie "Baywatch" along with The Rock. 

Aayush hails from Himachal Pradesh, and he is the grandson of Congress leader Sukhram Sharma. The young man too has acting ambitions, and he loves to settle in Mumbai to pursue a career in Bollywood. 

Arpita was an orphan when she was a child.

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Salman's father adopted her and brought her to his Mumbai home.