The say that Donald Trump is not the most popular man in Hollywood, despite his career as a performance artist in “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” is to put the matter mildly. Several high profile performers, such as Lena Dunham and Samuel L. Jackson, have threatened to flee to Canada if Trump is elected. The British-born comedian Ricky Gervais has a different reaction. He thinks that the idea of President Trump would be funny as well as a blow against the scourge of political correctness.

Gervais notes, as has several comedians such as Chris Rock before him, political correctness has restricted the sort of material that he can safely use.

He can’t delve into some subjects, such as Nelson Mandela’s time in a South African prison or the fact that Stephen Hawking has an American accent since he has to use a computer to speak. Some material is just too sexist, racist, homophobic, ageist, disablist, any kind of “ist” to be used with safety. Chris Rock will not play on college campuses, so wound up are audiences. Too many people run for their safe spaces crying about trigger words upon hearing stuff that used to have them rolling in the aisles a generation ago.

But then here comes Donald Trump, a master Twitter troll, who doesn’t care who he offends and, as a result, might well be elected president of the United States. Whether he is ranting about Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycles or suggesting that Ted Cruz’s father was a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, Trump is getting away with things that would get any professional comedian chased off the stage by the cry bullies.

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Of course, Gervais does not mention a couple of things about Trump being elected president.

First, Trump as president is likely to be comedy gold. The political correctness that has stopped a lot of comedians from riffing on Barack Obama, for fear of being called racist, will not be an impediment to smiting Donald Trump hip and thigh. He is, after all, a “delusional middle-aged man who says stupid things.”

The other, more ominous aspect of a Trump presidency is that he would be the first person in history whose Twitter wars could start an actual war, the sort of prospect that stops being funny after a certain point.