This article contains spoilers regarding the last episode of The Flash’s Season 2.

The Flash’s last season finale was packed with heavy weight acting, grand surprises and major changes for the TV show. With the last scene in mind, here are a few possible futures (or presents) for the show’s next season.

Barry Allen chased by time wraiths?

The time wraiths chase down anyone trying to disturb the natural passage of time.

Barry made quite a big change in the lives of many after saving his mother. For example, his father will not go to jail, which means that anyone he met in there will now go on their lives without any influence of what Henry could have exerted on them.However, the Speed Force helped Barry process his mother’s death and he only came back after looking into the fabric of reality. So, one might guess that this intervention was sanctioned by the Speed Force.Barry could be considered a traitor by the Speed Force, and could now be fiercely hunted down by the time wraiths.

Barry Allen, not a forensic scientist

After his mother’s death, Barry, who knew his father was innocent, got really immersed into this field and eventually joined the police force in his home town – growing up to be a great professional, even if he arrived a bit late for the job.However, without this childhood trauma to compel his career desires, will he still be a forensic scientist? Because if he isn’t one, he probably would never have met Felicity and the rest of team Arrow.

This may lead to him not getting electrocuted in that specific night and not becoming the Flash. And even if he did become the Flash, he would not have met or helped Team Arrow and he would not stand alongside Oliver against Savage, who would, then, probably kill Kendra and Carter, who would not embark with Rip’s team?

Harrison Wells and Star Labs

With Eobard Thawne incapacitated, it is possible that Barry Allen actually locks him up in some way and Thawne never takes the form of Harrison Wells.

This may actually lead to a successful night in the particle accelerator, since Thawne sabotaged the experiment in order to have the “accident” to create The Flash.This would also mean that Firestorm would not come to happen and that Caitlin Snow could eventually marry Ronnie.But since Earth-2 had the same problem, Wells might fail as well.

Does time changing work in The Flash in the same way as in Legends of Tomorrow?

If the shared universe has the same shared mechanics, then Barry’s changes are still fresh enough to be changed, and the timeline would not be really hurt.

However, without Eobard Thawne’s manipulations and no Flash, will Rip Hunter, the last time master, allow this timeline to become cemented? Or will it be too great a change for the time continuum?

If you are not a DC Comics fan, you must be informed that The Flash might not be the most powerful character in the universe, but he’s generally the most important, spearheading new themes (such as supervillains forming groups, parallel universes and time travel) and playing a major part in the solution of most crises.

Other minor changes

With this new possible future, a few things in the DC TV Universe could be changed in order to meet a bit more of the comics. This includes:

  1. Damian Darhk could’ve nuked Coast City, Hal Jordan’s hometown.
  2. Leonard Snart would not have been influenced by Barry’s high morale, and would not have sacrificed himself, so the Time Masters would still hold power over Earth.
  3. This could change the outcome of Earth-2 too, which means Zoom’s mother would still be alive and he would never have become a killer.

Last thought

More than a few questions remain, but we know that Barry is probably protected by a time bubble, in the same way Eobard Thawne was. So, he’ll probably live firsthand with the consequences of his actions.

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