At just over five feet tall, Yonni is a force to be reckoned with. While she might not be the tallest model of them all, she definitely makes up for it with her attitude and skill. I had a photo shoot with her and asked her some questions about her impression of modeling in the Phoenix area.

Michael J Wells: Height/weight?

Yonni Aunyah: 5'3”/109lbs

MJW: Dress size?

YA: 0/sm

MJW: Hometown?

YA: Philadelphia

MJW: Briefly describe your childhood.

YA: I grew up in the city (Philadelphia)with my two brothers and one sister although I did move around quite a bit during my youth.

MJW: Describe your modeling history.

YA: I started modeling when I was about 4, my mom would set up little photo-shoots for me. Then I attended John Robert Powers modeling and finishing school.

MJW: What type of modeling do you prefer?

YA: I prefer to do promo, glamour and urban modeling depending on the content. Maybe someAlternative Modeling is okay. High fashion and runway doesn't really fit my body type but if the opportunity comes knocking, I'll definitely answer!

MJW: How would you describe your personal style?

YA: My personal style changes and varies depending on my mood or what I have planned for the day. A normal everyday outfit could range from a nice short and cute top to a cute fitted dress or skirt. I like to wear black for some reason.

I feel like it gives a female a “sexy but about her business” type of look.

MJW: Describe a fun photo-shoot you were on.

YA: One really fun photo-shoot I did was for an online boutique. The clothes were so beautiful, I literally felt like I was playing dress-up and the other models were very nice as well.

MJW: Favorite model?

YA: Would have to be Adriana Lima, my favorite Vicky model

MJW: Favorite designer?

YA: My favorite designer would have to me Versace, even though I can't afford it right now; hopefully one day I will.

MJW: How do you stay in shape?

YA: My routine to stay in shape is fairly simple. I do simple lower body workouts almost daily and just try to eat healthy.

MJW: What keeps you modeling?

YA: One thing that keeps me motivated about modeling is the places it could take you. I absolutely love meeting new people and opportunities are endless when you put your mind to it.

MJW: Do you think Phoenix has a real fashion scene?

YA: I feel like The Phoenix fashion scene is slowly but surely evolving. I come from the east coast, a big city and there's constantly buzz or opportunities available.

MJW: What do you think of Phoenix Fashion Week?

YA: Phoenix fashion week is an exciting time, it’s amazing to see so many creative people come together to celebrate fashion and just have fun.

MJW: What do you think of plus-sized modeling?

YA: I'm 100% for plus size modeling, I feel all women are equally beautiful and everyone deserves to follow their dreams.

As females we should all support each other.

MJW: Where do you see yourself in a few years?

YA: My goals for modeling are to build a brand and hopefully be able to work all over the world; I really want to be able to say I made it while keeping my dignity and self-respect.

MJW: What’s your favorite charity, and why?

YA: My favorite charity would have to be breast cancer because many people are affected by it, it is a serious killer and I am blessed to say my mom is a survivor.

MJW: Best advice you ever received?

YA: The best advice I ever received is to never depend on a man for anything and always have your own,

MJW: Most rewarding moment:

YA: My most rewarding moment would have to be finding out my mom was cancer free, I don't know what could be better than that.

MJW: Funniest experience?

YA: The funniest experience I ever had one night I was at a club and my wig totally came off in front of everybody, I was so embarrassed at that moment but the next moment I realized how hilarious it was.

MJW: Final thoughts?

YA: I encourage everyone to follow their dreams no matter what life throws at them!

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