Valley of the Sun-based Neko Meow is an alternative model who is deeply embedded into Phoenix’ Alt Fashion scene. Modeling for a local designer in shows and at events, she has been growing rapidly as a model and a spokesperson. I was lucky enough to interview and have a photo shoot with her. Result: she’s a great model and very creative. Here’s our interview:

Michael J Wells: Age / dress size?

Neko Meow: 28 / 4

MJW: Hometown?

NM: Phoenix

MJW: Briefly describe your home life growing up.

NM: Loving family, lots of pets, sometimes hectic but always my rock of strength.

MJW: Describe your modeling experience; how did you start?

NM: At the age of 18 while I was living in Mexico. I had always wanted to try it and knew I had a calling for it!

MJW: You are working with local designer MissConstrued Boutique as one of their models, correct? How is that going?

NM: It is going great, I am so proud of everything this team has achieved and all the great success that is to come! I love being part of the MissConstrued family! Being a part of such a talented and ambitious group of artists is truly a blessing every day.

MJW: Why do you find alternative modeling has such a strong calling for you?

NM: Mainly because I am not by any means up to what high fashion model standards are, but also because the alternative scene is truly where I feel at home and most comfortable.

But I do strive to always be diverse in my modeling career and do what is out of my comfort zone.

MJW: Briefly describe a fun photoshoot that you were on.

NM: Well I consider all of my shoots “fun” because I truly love what I do, but if I had to describe one that really sticks out because of the uniqueness of the situation.

It would be a shoot where we had to break in to an abandoned building. Where we had to get up before the sun rose, walk across the desert, sneak in through multiple gates all to get the killer shots we did! All for the love of art right?

MJW: Favorite model/inspiration (Phoenix model or other)?

NM: I don’t just have one favorite model or inspiration because I truly admire so many great artists, but a lot of the models that really do inspire me are within my own fellow Miss Girls.

MJW: How do you stay in shape? Do you have a routine, or is it easy to stay fit with your daily activities?

NM: I am not quite where I want to be, but I have definitely come a long way in my road to fitness journey. I have lost over 30 pounds in the last year and everyday I continue to fight towards my goal. I do have a specific diet I try to stick to, which is high protein and low carbs and sugar. I also work out at home with my own routines at least 5 days a week. I’m not perfect and definitely fall off the tracks a lot because hey I LOVE FOOD! But I always pull myself back on the tracks to be healthy. And I think that is what is important.

MJW: What are your goals for modeling over the next few years / where do you see yourself?

NM: With my modeling career I strive to one day be a full time model. In other words, when my modeling can pay my bills! I would definitely like to do more promotional work for different companies as well.

MJW: What is your favorite charity or cause? Please explain.

NM: It is difficult to pin point only one great cause because there are so many wonderful charities. I would also like to say that I believe everyone can make a difference without the help of a special charity. Whether it be helping the homeless veteran you see on the corner buy food or taking an animal off the streets and under your care. There are always opportunities to help a needing cause, even if it’s just a smile you offer to someone who may need it.

MJW: What was your most rewarding moment or experience?

NM: Every day with my son and seeing his triumphs is my every day rewarding experience.

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