Last season of Person of Interest ended with heart-wrenching emotion as the Machine came alive and spoke to Harold directly. The setting and scene music were incredibly helpful for setting the atmosphere too. Knowing that season 5 will be the final season only ups the ante for writers, cast, and crew to leave the near cult following happy with how the story will end in a mere 13 episodes. 

Season 4 Finale

Season 4 of Person of Interest ended in a culmination of a season-long pursuit of the machine by Samaritan's apparently unending resources and assets.

After a harrowing chase we discover that the Machine has uploaded itself into the electrical grid of the whole country and Samaritan is turning off the power grid from the west coast, moving east until we get to New York and our team looking to save the machine from destruction.


We discover Samaritan is capable of election rigging, assassinations, malware infiltration into every powered device in the country, setting up Fusco as a killer, and causing the murder of anyone it deems a 'disruptor.' The finale ends with us being unsure how much of the Machine is saved by the last minute compression and storage into a special electronic holding briefcase.

Spoilers Ahead

Person of Interest season 5 began with just a voice saying “Let me tell you what we did to fight back,” before picking up at the end of last season, but pushed a few hours ahead of where we were left with the cliffhanger. In the cliffhanger, Harold had the briefcase holding the Machine, but in the new season, John is on his own carrying the case and using it as a blunt weapon while believing, we discover later, that it's indestructible.

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John Reese

Reese begins the Person of Interest episode on the run with the Machine in the briefcase trying to get back to the subway HQ. He encounters resistance from Samaritan’s goons, but manages in the end to hook up with Harold and the two of them take the ferry and get to the safety of the HQ.

Harold Finch

We learn via flashbacks that Finch knew that the Machine could make the world a better place, but since it could also go the complete opposite direction, he chose to handicap it. "How will I learn from my mistakes? How will I grow? And how will I remember you?" the Machine responded, mere seconds before its memories are erased for the first time.

Root (Samantha Groves)

Root beings the episode with a machine gun, sitting in a car stopped at a school crosswalk right before some would-be assassins show up to attack only to be taken out and Root getting away clean. She heads to an old cohort from her hacking/assassin days and asks for a new identity which he agrees to supply, only to betray her in the end to Samaritans lackeys.

The lackeys murder him and his henchmen for his efforts, and Root manages to escape once again with help from Reese before heading to HQ to learn the fate of the Machine.

Season 5 ending

The Person of Interest season 5 premiere is almost non-stop action interspersed with heart-wrenching flashbacks and our heroes on the run through most of it. After some scary moments where Harold is trying to save the Machine, but ends up setting it on fire, to their last minute super computer built out of Playstation consoles that overheats until Reese saves it with some handy nearby liquid hydrogen we are kept at the edge of our seats waiting to see if the Machine survived.