Born in Montreal, Canada, actress Veronique Auguste has long had a passion for actingandfashion, mostly vintage. In 2014, Veronique moved to the United States and has since pursued her quest to be a working actress by attending various casting calls for background work. She landed a part as a Farrell cousin in WGN America’s new show Outsiders. Watch her YouTube Channel, where she shows women how to be creative with their look, here:

Becoming an Outsiders extra

Q - How did you become an Outsiders extra?

I had just moved from Montreal, Canada to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

I knew the film and TV industries were much more prominent in the states than back home. I started looking for casting notices. I stumbled upon an article announcing Outsidersto be filmed in Pittsburgh, and I was thrilled. The premise sounded like a very fun, original concept. I found out about the open casting call being held by Movie Casting PGH at 31st studio and went to it. Since it was my first American casting call, I did not expect much of it.

However, a few days later, I got a call and was told they wanted me to be a Farrell cousin in the core Mountain group. I was thrilled! I think it was mainly due to my long hair and my bohemian style.

Q - What costumes did you bring to the set?

Following that call, I had to go for a wardrobe fitting. The costume department sent us a document with photo inspirations of what the Farrell family would look like.

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We were told to bring three different outfits that could work for the mountain folks. I ended up bringing and entire bag of clothes! Fashion and costumes are a passion for me. I love styling outfits and creating characters so it was pretty easy for me to pull things from my wardrobe for the show. The costume designer, Sarah Beers, ended up liking most of what I brought, so I got to wear my clothes on set.

I brought two full outfits and part of another one. One is a dress layered over leggings and a sweater, the other one is a boho skirt with a macrame top. Since on the mountain we wear mostly the same clothes with variation, some pieces were also reused for other looks. I have a fully detailed video on my YouTube channel showing and explaining these outfits and how they were styled.

The Farrell family's fashion

Q - How would you describe the Farrell family's fashion?

The Farrells sure have a lot of style!

That drew me in as soon as I heard about the show and stepped on set, their universe is very unique and different than what we see in other shows. They are a clan that lives atop Shay mountain and fend for themselves. They wear whatever they can find or make. The style is inspired by traditional Appalachian mountain living, hippies, communes and a tough biker edge, mainly for the guys. The colors are very earthy, brown, beige, eggplant, green etc.

One of the key components is layering and mix and matching patterns and fabrics. We wear a lot of patterns, leather, suede, long skirts, wooden or metal jewelry, headbands and everything is covered with a lot of dirt!

Q - What other TV shows have you been on?

I did not get many opportunities to be cast when I was living in Montreal. The industry is different there because of Quebec’s socio-cultural context. The local shows are in French and mostly consumed within the province (with some adaptation sold to different countries like France). They produce amazing things but not often call for extras because of the size of productions. We are a very different cultural area than the rest of North America and have our own music, film, andTV industries. It is very neat, but smaller than the U.S. for sure.

Q - What's next?

It has just been announced that Outsiders was renewed for a second season. I am very excited about that, and hope to be reunited with my Farrell cousins again this summer!

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