Olivia Munn isstarring asPsylocke in the new X-men movie, Apocalypse, which will be released on the 19th May. The popular and beautiful actress has been busy recently, with a brilliant performance in the blockbuster Ride Along 2, and plenty of other acting action but she always makes time to be with Green Bay Packer's quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron is family.

Talking toJane Mulkerrins of The Telegraph this week, she spoke about her frantic schedule.‘My home is where my family is, and right now Aaron’s my family,’ she said. Aaron and Munn have been dating for some years now and, whilst the concept of beautiful babies being born to the couple is a cute and cuddly thought for their respective fans, kids are not on the card just yet.

The glitz and glamor of stardom are offset by the long, hard hours on the set. Her transient life living in trailers in whichever location she needs to be in, means she travels so much that she is even battling to find time to spend with her little puppy.

Will there be kids in the future?

Olivia is certainly planning on children in the future, but whether this will be with Aaron or with some other studly success story, isn't clear. In her very frank conversation with Jane, she revealed that she has had some of her own eggs frozen, so that even in the worst case scenario, she will still be able to make a family. The super-fit, svelte and thinner version of her previous self, looks full to the brim with health and vitality, but she is aware that there is a history of cancer in her family.

She wants to make certain that if the dread disease does cause fertility problems for her that she can still have a family life with kids. "Science is here to help us. And if I get sick, God forbid, I still have a future, with kids,’ she said.

A meaningful relationship.

Green Bay in Wisconsin is the home of Aaron, the quarterback star of the NFL Packer's lineup.

Though Olivia's main residence is in L.A she very rarely gets to spend much time there, and when she can get away from the demands of her work she likes to spend time in Green Bay.In an interview with InStyle, she told them that she "loves Green Bay", as the people are friendly and it has become "home" for her.

Home is a place whereeveryone hankers to be, especially if that home is filled with loved ones. Her constant, but simplemessage that where Aaron is - her home is, tells us there is a meaningful relationship between the two stars. Reticent on the subject, she seems to be reluctant to discuss their relationships too much in the media.

Green Bay would be a great place to raise a family.

The Green Bay Port sits on an arm of Lake Michigan and the small city has plenty going on to keep any family entertained. Apart from the thrill of watching the Packers play on their home ground, the beautifuloutdoors is never very far away. Bird watching, hiking and walking through theBarkhausen Wildlife Preserve is a favorite, and the city itself has other fun family activies on offer.

There's the Bay Beach Amusement Park, the Botanical Gardens and theJoannes Family Aquatic Center, just for starters. Will fans one day get a peek at Aaron and Olivia introducing their little ones to the Children’s Museum? Fans who wish wonderful things on these popular stars would like to think so.

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