PBS Digital Studioshas made quite a name for itself with their Blank on Blank web-series, which feature animated takes on recorded, catalogued interviews, and aims at telling the stories of various people with different lives.The series has recently offered an interview, which can be seen below, with Rod Serling, of The Twilight Zone fame.

The interview with Serling originates from an Austrailian radio show dating from 1963.

Recorded in Melbourne, it was supposedly found within the archives of “The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.” The hostess who Serling is talking with is Binny Lum, a popular Australian radio personality of the decade.

A conversation on Kamikazes and a child’s imagination

In the interview with Lum, Serling talked about his time as a soldier during the Second World War, and his time in Japan.

He made jokes about how he was told kamikaze was another word for a Japanese taxi. But for many, the high point of the conversation was what he had to say about children.

For many, even today, Serling’s biggest claim to fame was The Twilight Zone anthology show, which showcased various science fiction tales, often based on literary short stories. Despite the show’s enduring popularity, at the time, Lum claimed that she had never seen the show, and Serling assured her that there were friends and relatives of his who hadn’t heard of the show either.But the show still had its fair share of fans and the one group Serling was proud of in particular was the young people, citing their “most unfettered imagination,” and said that it gave children the power to fly in life instead of walking.And it was the imagination, according to Serling, that helped advancements in our culture.

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According to him, many advances in science, especially space travel, were things first conceived in science fiction works, a quarter of a century ago.

More on the PBS series

A transcript of the full video can also be found on the Blank on Blank’s website.

Other famous icons the series has profiled includes Dustin Hoffman, Martin Scorsese, and Johnny Cash, and their videos can be watched on their YouTube channel.

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