Last night, on the season 4 and series finale of "Nashville," fans were left disappointed with unresolved plots with an episode titled, "Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday." The show leaves a bittersweet legacy behind of amazing potential and immense talent that was sometimes squandered by poor writing. The episode did what "Nashville" has come to do best, temporarily resolve a plot without definitively giving any absolute resolution. The episode ended with a frustrating and potentially deadly cliffhanger that, unless another network picks up the show, will never get the resolution that fans, who have spent four years watching the series, deserve.

The Exes face drama thanks to Autumn

Just when Scarlett confesses to Gunnar she is in love with him, Autumn walks into the room and clings to him and says they just got back from two weeks of vacation together.


Scarlett is crushed by the news and scurries off to lick her wounds. Later, when Scarlett and Gunnar try to talk things through, they decide to break up the band but perform one last time together. The heartfelt performance gives the two a chance to reconnect in the way they work best together and it hints at a reconciliation when the two passionately kiss at the end of the song, but we may never know exactly what happens next.

Juliette confesses about the night Jeff died

Tired of all the lies, Juliette tells the media she was drunk and on drugs the night Jeff died and she only now is starting to remember what happened. It causes Jeff's sister to open up an investigation into his death and Layla feeds information to her and the media in the hopes it will further her career and her relationship with Avery.

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Juliette's PR team eventually pays off the right people and makes the bad press go away, but she's tired of all the nonsense that comes along with her career. Realizing that Layla has been using him to get back at Juliette, Avery tells Layla that their relationship is over. 

Maddie realizes Cash is no good

When Maddie is in New York recording, she is working with a man who tried to take advantage of Rayna in her youth. He invites Maddie and Cash to a party back at his place and tries to force himself on Rayna's daughter. Cash is preoccupied with the celebrities at the party and leaves Maddie unattended. Deacon shows up just in the nick of time and, without violence, saves his daughter from becoming a victim. Maddie scorns Cash for not protecting her and leaves with Deacon. Later, Maddie is reunited with her sister and mother at a benefit concert and everyone, including Deacon and Rayna, reconcile their past differences.

Juliette's plane goes missing

At the red carpet and up for an Oscar for her role as Patsy Cline, Juliette is stressed about the event.

She doesn't win and, when Avery is waiting for her plane to land, an airport employee instructs him to come inside because there was a distress call and they've lost contact with the plane 90 miles outside of Nashville, the exact distance from the city as Patsy Cline's plane was when it crashed in the city of Camden, Tennessee. The series ends on the cliffhanger, a cruel utility usually resolved the next episode or season but, with Nashville unceremoniously cancelled recently, the plot may be left dangling forever.