This week a new high drama "Nashville" pushed season 4 forward with an episode titled, "The Trouble With The Truth." It was a drama-filled episode and sometimes tried too hard to force the issue. Just when we thought we'd gotten over Will's story as a gay country musician, that story flares up again and blows up in Luke's face, who just wants to promote the music without the politics. Luke goes on a talk show to refute a hot-headed and small-minded reporter, but gets cut short and fails to deliver his whole message.

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Layla and Avery have a wild night

Fueled by passion, Avery finally falls into the arms of Layla, and while it might not be the best romantic scenario for either of them, it's certainly a step up.

Jeff was manipulative and Juliette was possessive and borderline crazy, so this relationship is perhaps healthier on some levels, but perhaps toxic on other levels. There certainly seem to be consequences for anyone who pairs up on "Nashville," so we'll just have to see what they are for these two young lovers. The level of calm that Layla is displaying is eerily like the calm before the storm, but even when Juliette confronts her, Layla takes the high road and doesn't rub the new relationship in Juliette's face. Perhaps Layla is simply stunned when Juliette confesses that Jeff died saving her on the rooftop and caught in a reflective moment that challenges her to ponder where she's been and where's she going with her career and her current romantic entanglements.

Maddie pushes forward with emancipation

This was a tough aspect of the show to witness this week.

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Maddie has been pampered and gifted with a charmed life all because Rayna has worked hard to provide for her family. While Deacon has had a sketchy past, he's worked to better himself, even if his temper gets the best of him sometimes. To see Cash and Frankie betray Deacon and Rayna is a really pivotal point in the series and it might set the tone for much of the next season. With Maddie winning emancipation, mostly because of Frankie's insider information about Deacon's spotty past, and Deacon beating Frankie bloody, even if Frankie threw the first punch, Rayna is disgusted with her husband and seems unsure of her next steps.

The Exes get interrogated by Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone interviews the Exes while on tour, but it turns into some sort of Spanish Inquisition, much to their dismay. To add insult to injury, Autumn dishes some insider information to Rolling Stone that was told to her by Scarlett and Gunnar in private and in confidence. It's a betrayal that might affect Scarlett more than Gunnar, but it exposes some of the mystery they've kept by not really speaking about their romantic past to the press.

During the interview Scarlett does most of the heavy lifting regarding answers and Gunnar is offended at one point when he misunderstands Scarlett's remark about feeling bad when Gunnar's brother Jason died. Gunnar assumes the worst and that Scarlett's affection was merely sympathy and not real emotion. Later, when the interviewer asks a last question, Scarlett says they only work as a team because they're exes, and Gunnar agrees. These two have a rocky future ahead of them.