Shocking news came out today for the showNashville. Fans love this show and can't get enough, but now according to EW the show is being canceled. They will finish out this season and then it will not be coming back at all after that, which means only a couple of episodes are left. The season finale of Nashvillewill air on May 25 on ABC.

Will it have a solid ending?

More than likelyNashville will not have a solid ending at all. They had no idea it was going to be canceled when they filmed it. This news is just now coming out and the finale is only two weeks away. It would be really hard for ABC to get a new finale filmed before then.

You will get to see the finale they had planned, which will probably just end up being whatever they had planned, which could be a huge cliffhanger.

This show was around for four seasons and every single year it has been one that was on the bubble. They didn't know if it would be renewed or not, but finally they have decided to call it quits. Fans are not going to be happy about this one.

What do fans have to say about it?

If you check out the Nashville Facebook page, they are not happy about it. Fans are going crazy and begging for ABC to change their decision and bring backNashvillefor at least one more season. The fans really do want closure on this show and they won't be getting that without a season finale that the writers knew was their series finale.

One fan Donna Peerce shared her thoughts on their page. She said, " just read that Nashville is cancelled and there won't be a 5th season. I agree - this season was painful to watch because there was no light or happiness anywhere! It depressed me to no end. I think this was their downfall. All the "characters" were acting mean and hateful....The writers just went too far to the angst, dark, unhappy....and there has to be balance to make a show work!"

Other fans are just talking about how much they want season five and think they should consider bringing it back again.

For now, it looks likeNashville is gone and it would take a lot to make them reconsider it.

Are you shocked to hear thatNashville was canceled? Do you think that fans can fight hard enough to get this show to come back? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss the last couple of episodes ofNashville on ABC.

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