Watching TV quite often allows your mind to wander into new areas and takes you away from your day job, so to speak. The imagination kicks in and you try to solve a crime before the actors on the show!

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NCIS Is Still A Great Show

I have been watching Mark Harmon through many episodes as Special Agent Gibbs and am always quite fascinated with his "lack of emotions" on the surface but can see there are underpinnings around Abby and other characters. He always keeps you are on your toes!

This last episode was no exception!

I was enthralled with the fact that a young boy was paranoid about being taken hostage or worse yet, being the target of a sniper.

Having one of the NCIS agents taking him under his wing was the key to his survival. It seems they always promise safety and may not be able to live up to that expectation. In this case it seemed that the boy was saved by Agent Tim McGee. Or has he?

Meanwhile, back at the White House, a round table for military families is taking shape. Gibbs is escorted into the conference room where a discussion is taking place with a military wife. You see the back of a persons head and suspect it is the First Lady! What you suspect is true and she delivers a monolog around military families. She is very much at home with her role and her acting is impeccable, to say the least! Michelle Obama is a coup for NCIS.

I was actually surprised she was in the episode but then again I know the Obamas really have a place in their heart for the military. IT showed!

To Be Continued

After the rescued boy is reunited with his active duty father, the plot turns to our top FBI agent who has had an on again and off again role throughout the entire series.

An assassinis hiding in Gibbs house - then some real action begins - the FBI agent is shot along with another secret service agent. We are left hanging - us the agent really dead or will he be saved? I guess we will have to wait for the next episode...Don't you love a cliff hanger?

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