It shouldn't be too difficult to hype up a spiritual successor to a movie as beloved as "Ghostbusters," yet the upcoming all-female iteration of the flick has been getting a steady stream of negativity. The "Ghostbusters" trailer, which was released in March, has quickly become one of the most downvoted trailers on YouTube. At the time of this writing, the trailer sits at an impressive 230k downvotes (and 721k upvotes).

Lead star had issues.

As one of the lead stars in the new "Ghostbusters," Melissa McCarthy was in the position to see the trailer before it went live.

In a recent interview with "The John, Jay & Rich Show," McCarthy says she also had issues with the trailer. In particular, she disapproved of the trailer's implication that the upcoming film is areboot, and said so to the team before the trailer was published. Instead of listening, the producers dismissed her opinion and went ahead with it anyway. The result? YouTube infamy.

Spiritual successor, or sequel?

A major complaint against the trailer is the trailer's attempt to connect the two Movies in something other than spirit.

"I know it's weird that they say '30 years ago' in the trailer," says McCarthy. "But in this movie, it's like the first one didn't happen. It's a great story but it's totally different." McCarthy says she didn't get where the idea of "30 years later" came from, as the new movie doesn't share the same universe.

Recipe for disaster.

McCarthy says she spoke up about her misgivings, telling the team, "I think it's very confusing." According to her, "everyone said, 'we don't care what you think.'" It seems a small issue to bring down an entire trailer, but since its release in 1984, the original "Ghostbusters" has garnered a large fanbase and a cult following.

Connecting the original movie and its controversial successor is a recipe for disaster.

Lots of content

Ever since the new "Ghostbusters" was announced, the response has been hugely mixed. This is mostly due to the choice to cast women as the new team of ghostbusters, which has divided fan reception down the middle. The new trailer does do one thing right: showing that the movie can stand on its own two legs.

The trailer clocks in at nearly three minutes and gives viewers plenty of glimpses into the feel and spirit of the movie.

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