Fans of the Marvel Comics Norse god Thor, and of course, fans of the hunky Chris Hemsworth, were happy to hear about the next installment in the movie franchise: “Thor: Ragnarök,” which is set to start production soon.

“Thor:Ragnarok” Scheduled for Release Next Fall

Marvel had earlier announced the plans for the new movie, along with the names of cast members Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Idris Elba returning as the gatekeeper Heimdall, and the lovably obnoxious Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston.

Oscar winner Cate Blanchett was also announced as having joined the cast.Tessa Thompson was revealed as another addition to the cast and will play Valkyrie, although many Thor and Norse fans may be unhappy with her casting. In the comics, Valkyrie is blond and white.

Not appearing in this round are love interest Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, or Stellan Skarsgård, giving the impression that there will be no scenes taking place on Earth.

One Earthly Buddy and Two New Actors

Although leaving behind most of his Earth bound buddies, Thor takes fellow Avenger Bruce Banner/the Hulk along on this adventure, played by Mark Ruffalo.Today, Marvel released the names of two more cast members and also treated fans to the names of the characters all the new actors would be playing. Marvel announced today that Jeff Goldblum and Karl Urban have joined the cast of “Thor: Ragnorak.”

Marvel Reveals a Host of New Characters

Cate Blanchett is slated to play Hela, a powerful and mysterious villain.

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Hela is the Goddess of Death and rules Hel (only one “L”) and fallen Asgardian warriors, but has her sights set on ruling the living as well. She is the daughter of Loki.

Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, has lived many lives in the Marvel Universe, and has gone by several names throughout the decades. Currently, she is the spirit of Brunnhilde, an Asgardian warrior possessing the body of a regular woman.

The ultimate women’s equality advocate, she has fought alongside The Defenders and the Secret Avengers superheroes.

Skurge, a powerful Asgardian warrior, to be played by Karl Urban, is a former super bad guy who had it out for Thor, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four and Doctor Strange at different intervals. He was always more interested in the fight than the cause. However, he has found redemption and has become a good guy.

Jeff Goldblum is set to play the egocentric Grandmaster. As one of the Elders of the Universe who has a fascination with games, he wagers on the outcomes of wars between good and evil. In his first appearance in the Avengers comic he challenged another entity to a game of chess using live people as the pieces.

Guessing at the Plot

Although much was released about the new actors and their characters for “Thor: Ragnarök,” nothing was released regarding the plot.

However, it is speculated that based on the title it will probably have something do to with the end of times, which is Rangnarök in Norse mythology, and will more than likely center around Thor and the Hulk.

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