Kristen Stewart and her on-off girlfriend Alicia Cargile hit headlines hard by appearing together on Cannes 2016. Apparently, Stewart’s ex girlfriend French singer Soko is not taking her move lightly. She is reportedly still not over her breakup with the American actress and is dissing her upfront.Stewart and Cargile made a bold statement by coordinating their clothes theme for their red carpet walk. The lovers looked happy and stunning together. Soko was also there, who broke up with the actress only a month back.

Lemon Shades.

Soko could not help but grab attention of everyone with her lemon song gig. Some thought it to be a take on Beyonce’s Lemonade but other found it a bit off. Her odd lemon song seemed more like a take on ex-girlfriend, who has quickly moved on. It was confirmed by Soko in January, 2016 that she and Stewart are in a relationship and are very happy. Things took turn for worse and their love for each other worn out quickly.

Soko's Fame Game.

Soon, it was reported that Stewart and Soko’s relationship has run into trouble.

Few friends of Stewart reportedly believed that SoKo was using the popularity of Stewart for her own good. It was later said that SoKo wants a break in the US and increase her popularity as a singer. Rumors of fame-game were trashed soon enough but their relationship did not bloom any further.

Kristen Stewart's Sexuality Acceptance.

There have been numerous stories on Stewart’s life ever since she dated Robert Pattinson in the past.

She raised many questions on her sexuality when she started dating her assistance and close friend Alicia Cargile. However, she never openly accepted to be a bisexual or lesbian. The American actress went on record to say that she is not going to define her sexuality for the media. She is happy to explore different dimensions.

Happy Hiding.

The 26-year-old actress admitted to feeling responsible and does not wish to harm anyone with her intentions.

She clearly stated that she is not going to declare her relationships, as she did the same when she was dating a guy. Stewart has never been coy in front of cameras, but somewhere feels that she needs to protect herself. She does not want to be a bad example and thinks it is perfectly alright to go through some hard times.

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