Kirsten Storms is taking a leave from the hit soap operaGeneral Hospital and now everyone is still wondering what is going on. When this news came out, they also shared that someone would be taking over as Maxie Jones onGH and that they won't just be letting her character be gone for all this time. Things have really been heating up between Maxie and Nathan so fans are glad to see that it won't be ending.

Why is Kirsten leaving?

The crazy thing is that nobody really knows why Kirsten is leaving the show, and that has everyone confused. US Magazine simply shared that she will be taking a leave of absence, but they didn't even say why this is happening. It is said to be temporary, so hopefully, that means that Kirsten will be coming back soon. Days of Our Lives star Molly Burnett is the one who will be taking over for her starting in July. That means you get to see Kirsten for a few more months.

Could it be her relationship?

There is some speculation that she could be leaving over her relationship problems. Kirsten Storms recently shared that she was getting a divorce from her husband, Brandon Barash. At the time, Brandon shared that they were both doing fine with the split. He told Soap Opera Digest, "We are splitting due to the cliche irreconcilable differences, but we’re splitting amicably.

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We have every intention of remaining a family through this and co-parenting our kid and retaining a friendship in the efforts of raising her in a healthy environment."

At this time, fans will just have to wait to see how long Kirsten Storms will be gone fromGeneral Hospital. It is unknown if Maxie and Nathan will just have less screen time during all of this or how it will go down. It would be pretty shocking for them to actually have Maxie and Nathan tie the knot during the time that Kirsten isn't there.

You know that she would want to do that part of the show.

Are you shocked to hear that Kirsten Storms is leavingGeneral Hospital for a bit? Do you think that she will ever come back? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes ofGeneral Hospitalon weekdays on ABC.

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