Who is Kali Uchis?

Karl Loaiza known as Kali Uchis is a Columbian singer/songwriter with a Lady GaGa/Amy Winehouse look and a 70s sound that has refreshed my music palette. She was born on July 17, 1993, in Pereira, Colombia. By the age of 7, she immigrated with her family to Alexandria, Virginia. She writes and produces her own music. Having listened to multiple songs, I have an idea of what kind of music she puts out. She definitely doesn't try to be something she's not. Almost in her own lane in a way. She is borderline pop but includes some r&b/hip-hop influence in there with collaborations from hip-hop artist such as Snoop Dog "On Edge", from his 2014's mixtape and Vince Staples.In February 2015, she released her first EP, titled Por Vida.

I love her voice it melts your ears. Have a listen. My favorite songs are Loner, Ridin Round, Know What I Want.

Where is she headed?

It is a shame when artist such as Kali Uchis don't get the recognition they deserve. Having been on the scene for a few years now hopefully she will pick up a quicker following with her first album release. I admire Kali as an independent woman who isn't focused on anyone but herself. She seems to express her individualitythrough not only her music but her fashion as well. She almost gives off this nostalgic vibeoff being lost in the wrong time period. Like many artist, Kali Uchis has faced criticism for the way she has looked.“As female artists, we have to be constantly criticized for the way that we look, the way that we dress on a whole other level that men don’t have to face.

The constant scrutiny has torn down a lot of people to where they end up living for everyone else and conforming to how everyone else wants them to look. The same way the majority of people in L.A. have tiny little noses and big lips and contoured faces. The constant pressure to be the perfect, ideal female — there’s no such thing.” Yet, Kali Uchi seems more grounded than most music artist these days.

I see an artist that is gaining momentum quickly. I know when I see an artist that won't settle for who they are. Kali Uchi is in her own lane.

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