• Rumors swirl around the internet regarding The Big Bang Theory and its leading lady, Kaley Cuoco. Specifically, people think she's leaving the show.
  • After coming across the hearsay, the "Penny" actressdecides to address the issue, herself, and resolve all confusion surrounding "quitting the show."

Kaley slams the rumors

In a nutshell, Kaley Cuoco isn't going anywhere. She's locked in for the long haul. Via Instagram, Cuoco addressed the allegation with a meme of her character, Penny Hofstadter. The meme shows Penny with a confused expression in the laundry room.

In her post, Kaley mentions that she's "never" leaving Big Bang Theory.

Specifically, Cuocomentions as follows.

"The look at give when I hear rumours about myself leaving 'The Big Bang Theory'. Isn't happening. Never gonna happen. Won't happen. Here til the end y'all."

Isn't that a relief?

Just how much isCuoco's Big Bang Theory salary?

You have to think about it. Why would Kaley ever leave Big Bang Theory? It's a fantastic acting gig with worldwide audiences.

Radar Online reports thatCuoco makes $1.3 million per episode. Each season has, at the least, 15 episodes. So, per season, that's $19.5 million,minimum.

According to Forbes, last year, Kaley's 2015 salary played the tuned of $28.5 million, pre-tax.

With those numbers, it would be completely ludicrous for Cuoco to even dream of leaving the show, right? Her choice to squash the rumor is valid.

Kaley changes her hair

In lighter Cuoconews, she has gone back to long hair. Via Kaley's Instagram, she posted updates during her "extensions" session with her hair dresser.

According to Cuoco, it's important for her to change her look after each season. She states as follows.

"It's very important for me to change my look after wrapping each season :) I love playing Penny, but it's goodfor me to bring it back to Kaley. Last year, I chopped it all off. This year, I'm doing the opposite.

With the extension master, Faye Woods. Stay tuned."

Cuoco also noted that she looked forward to reading "all the negative comments" about her hair decision.

All in all, what do you think about Kaley Cuoco's position and salary with Big Bang Theory? Of course she's not going anywhere, right? Who would leave that?

If you have comments, please share them in the section below.

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