Josh Duggar recently quit his job and went to spend some time in rehab for his sex addiction. This was after news came out that he had been cheating on his wife by using the website Ashley Madison. This all went down while his wife Anna was pregnant with their daughter. After Josh's time in rehab was over, it was time for Josh to get back to real life and find a way to start taking care of his family again. People shared a photo of Josh Duggar that shows the new job he has found since he got back home.

What is Josh doing now?

This picture shows Josh Duggar selling used cars. That is a pretty big change in jobs for the oldest Duggar son, but hopefully, he can make a good living this way and help take care of his four children. It doesn't look like Josh is working at a dealership, though. Instead, it appears that Josh is actually buying cars, restoring them and selling for a profit. Josh is seen showing off a jeep to a potential buyer.

Josh's sister Jinger Duggar has been seeing doing this as well on their reality showJill & Jessa: Counting On.When Jinger did it on the show, it turned out that they had a fake buyer to make the show look better, but of course, Josh Duggar needs real buyers to make the big money.

How is Josh after the scandal?

A source shared that Josh "looks happy" since he got out of rehab. He has also been spending a lot of time at his parent's house and their family garage.

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It looks like Josh is finding a way to get back to real life once again. The source shared that people in the same town as where Josh lives don't seem to care really about the fact that he is back again. More than likely, they are used to the Duggars living there and just go on with life. Josh seems to be fitting back into his life just fine, but so far, he hasn't been seen on any of their reality shows again.

The showJill & Jessa: Counting On hasn't been confirmed for a second season yet.

Are you shocked to hear that Josh Duggar is selling used cars just like some of his other siblings do? Do you think that Josh will move on to another job? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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