Donald Trump, the mercurial real estate tycoon and reality TV star who is the presumed Republican candidate for president, got some support from an unlikely source, according to CNN. J.K. Rowling, whose Harry Potter books have been read and enjoyed the world over and have been made into hit films, defended Trump’s right to “be offensive and bigoted.” She made this evaluation against the background of a petition drive to ban Trump from the UK.

Rowling herself has compared Trump to her fictional villain, Lord Voldemort, perhaps a wizarding world version of a violation of Godwin’s Law, for his proposal to ban Muslim immigrants to the United States “temporarily.” Nevertheless, Rowling defended Trump’s right to say such things because the same free speech right that protects him also protects her.

She made her remarks while accepting an award from PEN for her humanitarian work.

Rowling was making an excellent point, as her books and the films based on them have been criticized by both Christian and Muslim religious zealots. Some fundamentalist Christians believe that the Harry Potter stories have an occult or even satanic subtext. The books are banned in schools in the United Arab Emirates and official government media in Iran describe them as part of a “Zionist plot.” The books have been challenged in public and school libraries for their depictions of magic.

The books have been publically burned in a number of instances.

Despite these attacks, Rowling and her defenders have pointed to a deeply Christian subtext in the books and movies, including the eternal struggle of good against evil and the necessity of choosing the first over the latter. Despite the condemnation by some evangelical Christian leaders, most evangelicals are fans of the books. The Harry Potter books are some of the most checked out of the library at the Guantanamo Bay prison where some of the worst Islamist terrorists are kept.

At least two leaders of the Mormon Church have expressed approval of the books and the movies upon which they are based for their moral teachings.

The bottom line is that Rowling is spot on for defending Donald Trump’s right to free speech since the principle applies to either everyone or no one.

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