No more record labels

I'm excited about this elevation occurring in the music industry today. Yes, thanks to the internet barriers are breaking that are allowing artist to have full control over their music and overall brand. Record labels are now scrambling trying to develop new creative ways to remain in control of the music and the artist. The two reasons behind this shift in authority are the decrease in album sales and the emergence of dominant independent artist.

On February 2, 2016 the RIAA (recording industry association of america) changed the standards for album sales by incorporating online streams in order to certify more platinum albums. This is the perfect example of how the major labels are downsizing in profits, because streaming is a free music service for most people. Meaning that many people aren't actually paying for the artist music, so the labels profits are split.

Now with this new wave of music moguls more upcoming artist are inspired to remain independent. Witnessing indy artist like Chance the rapper, Macklemore, and Tyler the creator dominate the internet with a fan base unsupported by the major labels.

This is only the beginning of the indy artist

Tyler broke indy barriers by winning MTV's Best New Artist award in 2011. Macklemore changed the Grammy's with a controversial win in 2014 for Best New Artist over Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid Mad City.

Chance the rapper first made music history in 2013 when his second mixtape Acid Rap debuted on Billboard. Since then his fan base has grown larger by collaborating with major label artist like: Kanye West, Future, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber on his new mixtape, Coloring Book. Released on Tuesday May 12, Coloring Book has created a huge buzz, going viral moments after its release. Hashtags like #Chance3 have been trending consecutively for 3 days on social sites like twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

With these indy artist proving to audiences that you don't need a major label's consent in order to be heard or get awarded, more developing artist will follow this path. Knowing that there's more benefits of not being signed to a major label, while still having access to their tools and fan bases. Being able to own your own music, brand, and income are what artist like the late Prince [VIDEO] fought for.

At the rate we're excelling everyday we're getting closer to a world of entertainment freedom.   

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