The final episode of “Castle” ended with a bang and, in the opinion of some people, a happy ending for our favorite crime fighting couple. However, one sadder interpretation could be made for what transpired.

Some spoilers follow.

Castle and Beckett finally took down LokSat, the shadowy special operator who had been behind all of the grief that Beckett and Castle had suffered for the past few seasons. The whole story line, which involved rogue CIA operators who were as stupid as they were vicious, was an example of the lazy TV writer. Did they really think they would get away with slaughtering a dozen or so of New York’s finest in an office building/black site in the middle of the city? Some people really do not think things through.

In any case, while most of the characters were celebrating at the local cop bar, Castle and Beckett return home for some breakfast, to be followed no doubt by a morning session of enjoying being married. Instead, they encounter the last surviving bad guy. In the ensuing gun battle, the villain goes down, and Castle and Beckett are left crawling toward each other on the floor to hold hands while they bleed out. If a ninth season had been greenlit, the tragic scene would have been the last.

But, tacked on, a fast forward for seven years later shows the happy couple and their three kids, joyously having breakfast. Most fans have interpreted this scene as indicating that Castle and Beckett were rescued and lived on to be the aggravation of many more criminals while raising a trio of cute crime fighters in training.

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However, a second, darker interpretation comes to mind. Maybe, as they are holding hands, feeling the life slip from them, Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are thinking about the future that they have just been robbed of. They are found dead and together several hours later when they fail to answer their cell phones announcing the latest murder scene. Beckett gets a cop funeral with the patrol car convoy and bagpipe dirge, and Castle is laid out beside her to sleep for all eternity.

Happy ending or tragedy? The viewer should be the judge.