Man Climbs KTLA tower

Historic KTLAmade possible the descent of the man who climbed the 180ft tower....and for what reason? Nobody knows yet. Today authorities have maintained the secrecy of the identity of the man who climbed the radio station tower, though, the sheriff's department did make an arrest when the older man descended the radio towerlater in the evening on Wednesday.

Whether he wanted a bit of the attention or just wanted to state a claim to having climbed the KTLAradio station tower, the 55-year-old man who was arrested yesterdayand charged with vagrance and trespassing may only beclimbing out of his rack at the Los Angeles county jail for the next6 months.

Charges assessed for such a crime accompany a $1,000.00 fine.

Yesterday, Hollywood police were forced to wait for at least three hours during the stand-off while the elderly man refused to cooperate. Rescue vehicles and fire department personnel arrived to assist with the descent, however, it was a tedious mission as authorities spoke candidly with the man in an effort to coax him down from the structure which transmits approximately 1000 watts.

Then,without notice at approximately5:30 in the evening, the man decided to climb down from the radio station tower. The man was detained and questioned by Hollywood police.

For the duration of the three hour stand-offf, however, police shut down the area including streets that led in and out of the busy major thoroughfare in thenear Sunset Blvd.area.

The rather exclusive Hollywood neighborhood is often trespassed by non-residents hoping to get a glimpse of a real, live Hollywood star or making their playfor a grand stand among those known to gracethe silver screen.

Police making an immediate arrest of the mandid not release his identity right away, however, after an less than extensive investigation of the incident, the identity of the man named 'Chris', was disclosed.

Hollywood authorities are conducting furtherinvestigation talking to associates of Chris who apparently attend the same church. More News about the Radio Station 5 tower climber, the 55-year-old African American male, will be provided as the investigation continues.

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