Gwen Stefani, reportedly the coolest mom in town, celebrated her son Kingston’s birthday in style. Mother and son celebrated his 10th birthday during a two-day weekend. On Friday, she took Kingston for fishing and then later in the day, took him for a dune buggy ride. After that, they went for a helicopter ride and they were joined by Blake Shelton, Stefani’s boyfriend.

The kids and Gwen Stefani had a great time at Blake’s place

Gwen and Kingston had a great time at Blake’s place in Oklahoma.

They were also accompanied by herseven and a half year old daughter Zuma and two year old son Apollo. Sheposted several Snapchats from the eventful day. In one of the posts, Gwen stated that Kingston caught a big frog from the pond while playing with Zuma.

Stefani went to see her boyfriend’s stage performance and was back stage while Blake Shelton performed. She also posted a few Snapchats from Blake’s performance. Shealso posted a picture where Kingston was singing a famous song of Blake Shelton’s.

Gavin Rossdale, ex-husband of Gwen not happy about the kids spending time with Blake

Gavin Rossdale, the ex-husband of Gwen Stefani, was not happy about his kids getting closer to Blake Shelton. Gavin recently met with herand told her that he needs to be consulted about matters related to the kids. Both Gwen and Gavin have to meet regularly for the children’s sake and both have showed good maturity in handling the situation.

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Gavin, in fact, is upset with herfor moving ahead with her life after 13-years of marriage. Sources say that Gavin would still like to work it out with Gwen.

Gwen and Blake’s romance started after both got divorced from their respective spouses

Gwen and Blake started their romance back in November 2015 after both of them got separated from their respective spouses. It was reported that Blake Shelton proposed marriage to her, but she turned him down.

Gwen was touched by the proposal, but felt that it was not the right time for marriage. According to sources close to Gwen, she was worried about her kids and whether they will be able to quickly adapt to Blake. She told Blake to wait before they make such a decision. Gwen Stefani is still taking time to recover from the failed marriage and she doesn’t want to rush.

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