Axl Rose, the frontman for the recently reunited Guns 'N' Roses, and the current replacement singer for AC/DC has said that he may stick with the latter band after he finishes the current tour with AC/DC. Rose stepped in to replace singer Brian Johnson after Johnson was told that if he continued touring he would go completely deaf, forcing AC/DC to cancel a number of dates as they looked for a replacement singer for the rest of the tour.

Axl Rose reunites with Guns 'N' Roses

Rose has recently reunited with bandmates Duff McKagan and Slash, taking to the stage with both musicians for the first time in over 20 years at Coachella 2016, reforming three fifths of the "classic" lineup of Guns 'N' Roses, with the band only missing drummer Steven Adler and guitarist Izzy Stradlin, both of which played on the bands seminal album Appetite for Destruction.

After it was announced that the band would be playing at Coachella 2016, they also announced that they would be launching their Not In This Lifetime tour, which is set to have dates worldwide. It was not long after this that Brian Johnson was forced to stop touring and AC/DC had to find an alternative singer. Axl Rose was one of the first people to volunteer for the role.

Axl Rose and AC/DC

Currently, Rose has yet to perform as the frontman for the band -- scheduled tour dates are still several weeks away -- but he has been rehearsing with the band for several weeks, as well as sitting down for several rare interviews to promote the upcoming tour dates, as well as to talk about the recent reunion with Slash and Duff McKagan.

During one of these interviews -- with BBC Radio 6 Music, to be specific -- he said that, should the tour dates go well, he'd be more than happy to join in the band again, although that would be their decision. Speaking in the interview, he said:

“I think after that [the tour], it’s about what they wanna do.

I’m in if they want me in, and we’ll sort it out, but right now that’s getting ahead of ourselves with everything else that’s on the table."

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